New Books Network

Petra Goedde, “The Politics of Peace: A Global Cold War History” (Oxford UP, 2019)
Earlier histories of the Cold War haven’t exactly been charitable toward the peace activists and pacifists who led peace initiatives. Pacifists in the United States were either simplistic and naïve, or they were fellow travelers of the Soviet Union. Peace proposals coming from the Soviet Union were nothing more than... Read More
Adrienne Celt, “Invitation to a Bonfire” (Bloomsbury, 2019)
Zoya Andropova—soon to be known in her adopted country as Zoë Andropov—didn’t ask to be rescued from her Soviet orphanage, even after the arrest of her father, a strong supporter of the very regime that has now taken his life. But rescued she is, by well-meaning Americans, who soon dump... Read More
Stephen Hardy and Andrew Holman, “Hockey: A Global History” (U Illinois Press, 2018)
Today we are joined by Stephen Hardy, retired professor of kinesiology and affiliate professor of history at the University of New Hampshire, and Andrew Holman, professor of history at and the director of Canadian studies at Bridgewater State University.  Hardy and Holman are the co-authors of Hockey: A Global History... Read More
Kristen Ghodsee, “Red Hangover: Legacies of Twentieth-Century Communism” (Duke UP, 2017)
I am a child of the so-called transition in Bulgaria and growing-up I could never understand why my parents and grandparents would spend our family gatherings talking about the socialist past. It wasn’t until much later that I realized how much socialism and its end are imprinted on my grandparents’,... Read More
Botakoz Kassymbekova, “Despite Cultures: Early Soviet Rule in Tajikistan” (U Pittsburgh Press, 2016)
Botakoz Kassymbekova’s Despite Cultures: Early Soviet Rule in Tajikistan (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2016) is a terrific study of early Soviet rule in Tajikistan based on extensive archival research. Her work explores technologies of governance used in early Soviet Tajikistan in order to implement Soviet plans for industrialization and collectivization.... Read More
Kristen R. Ghodsee, “Second World, Second Sex: Socialist Women’s Activism and Global Solidarity during the Cold War” (Duke UP, 2019)
Last week, I had the privilege to talk with Dr. Kristen R. Ghodsee about her most recent book Second World, Second Sex: Socialist Women’s Activism and Global Solidarity during the Cold War (Duke University Press, 2019) and the behind-the-scene details of its making. Ghodsee is a professor in Russian and... Read More
Eleonory Gilburd, “To See Paris and Die: The Soviet Lives of Western Culture” (Harvard UP, 2018)
Josef Stalin’s death in 1953 marked a noticeable shift in Soviet attitudes towards the West.  A nation weary of war and terror welcomed with relief the new regime of Nikita Khrushchev and its focus on peaceful cooperation with foreign powers.  A year after Stalin’s death, author and commentator Ilya Ehrenburg... Read More