New Books Network

Henry Kissinger and Winston Lord, “Kissinger on Kissinger: Reflections on Diplomacy, Grand Strategy, and Leadership” (All Points Books, 2019)
In a series of riveting and in depth interviews, America’s senior statesman, former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, discusses the challenges of directing foreign policy during times of great global tension. With insights which are pertinent to the present and indeed the future. As National Security Advisor to President Richard... Read More
Andreas Krieg, “Divided Gulf: The Anatomy of a Crisis” (Palgrave, 2019)
Andreas Krieg’s edited volume, Divided Gulf: The Anatomy of a Crisis (Palgrave, 2019), brings together a group of prominent Gulf scholars to discuss the Gulf crisis that pits a Saudi-United Arab Emirates-led alliance against Qatar. The alliance’s economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar since 2017 has implications that go far... Read More
Lindsey N. Kingston, “Fully Human: Personhood, Citizenship, and Rights” (Oxford UP, 2019)
Lindsey N. Kingston’s new book, Fully Human: Personhood, Citizenship, and Rights (Oxford University Press, 2019) interrogates the idea of citizenship itself, what it means, how it works, how it is applied and understood, and where there are clear gaps in that application. This is a wide-ranging, rigorously researched examination of... Read More
Gregory V. Raymond, “Thai Military Power: A Culture of Strategic Accommodation” (NIAS Press, 2018)
Thailand is one of the world’s last remaining military dictatorships, and the last in Asia. While we are familiar with the Thai military’s frequent interventions in Thai politics, we know rather less about its external security role. As rivalry between the superpowers, the United States and China, has grown in recent years,... Read More
Michael A. Cohen, “Clear and Present Safety: The World Has Never Been Better and Why That Matters to Americans” (Yale UP, 2019)
We are fed a steady stream of doom and gloom—terrorist attacks, erosion of democracy, robots taking our jobs. But Michael A. Cohen and his co-author Mich Zenko argue in Clear and Present Safety: The World Has Never Been Better and Why That Matters to Americans (Yale University Press, 2019) that our... Read More
Mollie Gerver, “The Ethics and Practice of Refugee Repatriation” (Edinburgh Press, 2018)
Moral and political theorists have paid a healthy amount of attention to states’ rights to determine who may reside within their territory.  Accordingly, there’s a large literature on immigration, borders, asylum, and refugees.  However, relatively little work has been done on questions concerning how refugees are treated once they have... Read More
Jeremy Black, “Imperial Legacies: The British Empire Around the World” (Encounter Books, 2019)
Are you tired of the constant refrain from our campus radicals and their bien-pensant allies in the intelligentsia that the United States and the United Kingdom, AKA the American and the British empires are the source of all the problems in the world, past and present?  Do you not regard... Read More