Oli Mould, “Against Creativity” (Verso, 2018)
Can every aspect of society be ‘creative’? In Against Creativity (Verso, 2018), Oli Mould, a lecturer in geography at Royal Holloway, University of London, explains the need to resist and recast the ideology of enforced creativity sweeping through societies all over the world. The book offers a wide range of critical engagements, from... Read More
Grant Farred, “The Burden of Over-Representation: Race, Sport, and Philosophy” (Temple UP, 2018)
Today we are joined by Grant Farred, Professor of Africana Studies and English at Cornell University.  Farred is the author of The Burden of Over-Representation: Race, Sport, and Philosophy (Temple University Press, 2018), which explores three sporting ‘events’: an uncharacteristic outburst from Jackie Robinson’s at a spring training game in New... Read More
Jeong-Hee Kim, “Understanding Narrative Inquiry: The Crafting and Analysis of Stories as Research” (Sage Publications, 2016)
In today’s episode, I talked with Dr. Jeong-Hee Kim about her new book, Understanding Narrative Inquiry: The Crafting and Analysis of Stories as Research (Sage Publications, 2016). The book offers a comprehensive overview of the theoretical foundation and practical guidance of narrative inquiry. It embodies narrative thinking by seamlessly weaving... Read More
Keisha Lindsay, “In a Classroom of Their Own: The Intersection of Race and Feminist Politics in All-Black Male Schools” (U Illinois Press, 2018)
According to most experts, boys have more trouble in schools than girls. Further, African-American boys have even more trouble than, say, white boys. What to do? According to some, one possible solution to the latter problem is all-Black male schools, or “ABMSs.” In her new book In a Classroom of Their... Read More
Julie L. Rose, “Free Time” (Princeton UP, 2018)
Though early American labor organizers agitated for the eight-hour workday on the grounds that they were entitled to “eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, and eight hours for what we will,” free time as a political good has received little attention from politicians and political philosophers. In her... Read More
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