Andrew R. Holmes, “The Irish Presbyterian Mind: Conservative Theology, Evangelical Experience, and Modern Criticism, 1830-1930” (Oxford UP, 2018)
Earlier today I caught up with my colleague at Queen’s University Belfast, Andrew R. Holmes, to discuss his outstanding new book, The Irish Presbyterian Mind: Conservative Theology, Evangelical Experience, and Modern Criticism, 1830-1930 (Oxford UP, 2018). Andrew has been working on the history of Irish Presbyterianism for the last fifteen... Read More
John Torpey, “The Three Axial Ages: Moral, Material, Mental” (Rutgers UP, 2017)
Since its initial postulation by Karl Jaspers, the concept of an “axial age” in the development of human thought and religion has exerted enormous influence in the fields of history and sociology. In The Three Axial Ages: Moral, Material, Mental (Rutgers University Press, 2017), John Torpey develops the concept further by identifying... Read More
Elliott Sober, “The Design Argument” (Cambridge UP, 2018)
The story goes: you are walking in the woods and see a wrist-watch on the ground; you don’t know how it got there or why it has come to be abandoned here, but you can surmise that someone somewhere designed and made it due to its complexity. This is the... Read More
Andrew R. Murphy, “William Penn: A Life” (Oxford UP, 2018)
While William Penn’s name is one familiar to many Americans thanks to his founding of the Pennsylvania colony, this accomplishment can overshadow both his role as a leading 17th-century English Quaker and his pioneering contributions to Western political thought. In William Penn: A Life (Oxford University Press, 2018), Andrew R.... Read More
Ashley D. Farmer, “New Perspectives of the Black Intellectual Tradition” (Northwestern UP, 2018)
The field of African American intellectual history is enjoying a kind of renaissance at the moment. The resurgence is due to the work of the African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS) and its terrific blog Black Perspectives. The fruits of the AAIHS’s labors can be seen in the book we’re discussing... Read More
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