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James Crossland, “War, Law and Humanity: The Campaign to Control Warfare, 1853-1914” (Bloomsbury, 2018)
Beginning in the mid-1850s, a number of people in Europe and the United States undertook a range of efforts in response to the horrors of war. In his book War, Law and Humanity: The Campaign to Control Warfare, 1853-1914 (Bloomsbury, 2018) James Crossland describes the emergence of various movements in... Read More
Zachary Kramer, “Outsiders: Why Difference is the Future of Civil Rights” (Oxford UP, 2019)
Outsiders: Why Difference is the Future of Civil Rights (Oxford University Press, 2019) by Zachary Kramer sets forth an imaginative critique of the way that civil rights law currently fulfills its mission. Using stories that lucidly illustrate the gap between the aspiration of civil rights law and the lived reality,... Read More
J. Dyck and E. Lascher, “Initiatives without Engagement: A Realistic Appraisal of Direct Democracy’s Secondary Effects” (U Michigan Press, 2019)
Ballot initiatives offer voters the chance to directly determine the outcome of state policy change. Do Americans who vote on initiatives grow in political efficacy and participate more in the future? Or is the initiative process ultimately undemocratic in the sense that those who participate grow less interested in participating... Read More
Lindsey N. Kingston, “Fully Human: Personhood, Citizenship, and Rights” (Oxford UP, 2019)
Lindsey N. Kingston’s new book, Fully Human: Personhood, Citizenship, and Rights (Oxford University Press, 2019) interrogates the idea of citizenship itself, what it means, how it works, how it is applied and understood, and where there are clear gaps in that application. This is a wide-ranging, rigorously researched examination of... Read More
Jeanne Theoharis, “The Strange Careers of the Jim Crow North: Segregation and Struggle outside of the South” (NYU Press, 2019)
In this New Books Network/Gotham Center for NYC History podcast, guest host Beth Harpaz, editor of the City University of New York website SUM, interviews Jeanne Theoharis, distinguished professor of political science at Brooklyn College. Their topic is a new book just out from NYU Press, co-edited by Theoharis, called The... Read More
Jonathan Marks, “The Perils of Partnership: Industry Influence, Institutional Integrity, and Public Health” (Oxford UP, 2019)
It is an article of faith in many circles that the most effective and efficient way to solve a broad range of local and national problems is through public-private partnerships. What’s not to like? Especially in a climate in which people think resources are scarce, seeking out help from corporate... Read More
Mollie Gerver, “The Ethics and Practice of Refugee Repatriation” (Edinburgh Press, 2018)
Moral and political theorists have paid a healthy amount of attention to states’ rights to determine who may reside within their territory.  Accordingly, there’s a large literature on immigration, borders, asylum, and refugees.  However, relatively little work has been done on questions concerning how refugees are treated once they have... Read More