Christopher Gerrard, “Lost Lives, New Voices: Unlocking the Stories of the Scottish Soldiers from the Battle of Dunbar, 1650” (Oxbow Books, 2018)
In November 2013, two mass burials were discovered unexpectedly on a construction site in the city of Durham in northeast England. Over the next two years, a complex jigsaw of evidence was pieced together by Christopher Gerrard, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Durham, and a team of archaeologists... Read More
Harry Franqui-Rivera, “Soldiers of the Nation: Military Service and Modern Puerto Rico, 1868-1952” (U Nebraska Press, 2018)
As the island of Puerto Rico transitioned from Spanish to U.S. imperial rule, the military and political mobilization of popular sectors of its society played important roles in the evolution of its national identities and subsequent political choices. While scholars of American imperialism have examined the political, economic, and cultural... Read More
David LaRocca, “The Philosophy of War Films” (U Press of Kentucky, 2018)
Films that feature war as a theme have been made almost since the beginning of the industry. In The Philosophy of War Films (University Press of Kentucky, 2018), part of the “Philosophy of Popular Culture Series,” David LaRocca brings together a number of prominent authors to discuss the genre as a... Read More
Daniel Stahl, “Hunt for Nazis: South America’s Dictatorships and the Prosecution of Nazi Crimes” (Amsterdam UP, 2018)
How did the search for Nazi fugitives become a vehicle to oppose South American dictatorships? Daniel Stahl’s award-winning new book traces the story of three continents over the course of half a century in Hunt for Nazis: South America’s Dictatorships and the Prosecution of Nazi Crimes (Amsterdam University Press, 2018). Through... Read More
Laura McEnaney, “Postwar: Waging Peace in Chicago” (U Pennsylvania Press, 2018)
When World War II ended, Americans celebrated a military victory abroad, but the meaning of peace at home was yet to be defined. From roughly 1943 onward, building a postwar society became the new national project, and every interest group involved in the war effort—from business leaders to working-class renters—held... Read More
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