Scott Melzer, “Gun Crusaders: The NRA’s Culture War” (NYU Press, 2012)
Scott Melzer is the author of Gun Crusaders: The NRA’s Culture War (New York University Press, 2012). Scott earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside and now is an associate professor of Sociology at Albion College. His book adds to the growing list of scholarship on gun control... Read More
Alan Wolfe, “Political Evil: What It Is and How to Combat It” (Vintage, 2012)
Somewhere Hannah Arendt is smiling. In the pages of the 1945 Partisan Review Arendt declared, “The problem of evil will be the fundamental question of postwar intellectual life in Europe.” In the short-term, Arendt couldn’t have been more wrong. With Marxists and postmodernists rejecting the very idea of “evil,” academics... Read More
Thomas Holyoke, “Competitive Interests: Competition and Compromise in American Interest Group Politics” (Georgetown University Press, 2011)
Thomas Holyoke has recently published Competitive Interests: Competition and Compromise in American Interest Group Politics with Georgetown University Press (2011). Tom is an Associate Professor of Political Science at California State University – Fresno. His book advances political science knowledge of the political process through an in-depth analysis of the... Read More
Rachel Kleinfeld and Drew Sloan, “Let There Be Light: Electrifying the Developing World With Markets and Distributed Energy” (Truman Institute, 2012)
You wouldn’t know from the 2012 president race but the United States remains engaged in a fairly bloody conflict in Afghanistan. In addition to boots on the ground, we deploy scores of drones in Pakistan, Yemen and the Horn of Africa to keep Al Qaeda and its affiliates at bay.... Read More
Corey Brettschneider, “When the State Speaks, What Should it Say? How Democracies can Protect Expression and Promote Equality” (Princeton UP, 2012)
Liberal democracies are in the business of protecting individuals and their rights. Central among these are the rights to free expression, freedom of association, and freedom of conscience. Liberal democracies are also in the business of sustaining a political environment in which citizens are regarded as political equals. In exercising... Read More
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