New Books Network

Daniel Denvir, “All-American Nativism: How the Bipartisan War on Immigrants Explains Politics as We Know It” (Verso, 2020)
It is often said that with the election of Donald Trump nativism was raised from the dead. After all, here was a president who organized his campaign around a rhetoric of unvarnished racism and xenophobia. Among his first acts on taking office was to issue an executive order blocking Muslim... Read More
William Callison and Zachary Manfredi, “Mutant Neoliberalism: Market Rule and Political Rupture” (Fordham UP, 2020)
The neoliberal consensus, once thought to be undefeatable, seems to have been broken both in the wake of the fiscal crisis of 2008, as well as a series of surprise movements and elections throughout the world in the last several years. But many scholars argue that it remains alive and... Read More
Tad DeLay, ​”Against: What Does the White Evangelical Want?”​ (Cascade Books, 2019)
What does the white evangelical want? In our moment of crisis and rage, this question is everywhere. Scholars ask from where its desires emerged, pundits divine its political future, and the public asks how we lapsed into social chaos. For their part, white evangelicals feel misunderstood while failing to see... Read More
James M. Banner, Jr., “Presidential Misconduct: From George Washington to Today” (The New Press, 2019)
What standard should be used to assess presidential misconduct during the Trump presidency? How should the public, press, Congress, and bureaucracy resist and punish executive misconduct? Presidential Misconduct: From George Washington to Today (The New Press, 2019) insists we must look back to look forward. The book provides a comprehensive... Read More
Joseph Blocher and Darrell A.H. Miller, “The Positive Second Amendment: Rights, Regulation, and the Future of Heller” (Cambridge UP, 2018)
In The Positive Second Amendment: Rights, Regulation, and the Future of Heller (Cambridge University Press, 2018), Joseph Blocher and Darrell A.H. Miller insist that the Second Amendment is widely recognized but fundamentally misunderstood by the public and public officials. Misconceptions about what the amendment allows, forbids, and how it function... Read More
Meghan Daum, “The Problem With Everything: A Journey Through The New Culture Wars” (Gallery Books, 2019)
Modern thought has been damaged by dogma and tribalistic click-bait. Social media and the fractured state of politics reward slick slogans and partisan anger while penalizing those who speak with intellectual honesty. Our guest, feminist writer and author, Meghan Daum, says instead of following the crowd we need to think... Read More
H. Appel, S. Whitley, C. Kline, “The Power of Debt: Identity and Collective Action in the Age of Finance” (IID, 2019)
As the upcoming 2020 U.S. election finally brings questions of economic justice center stage, this episode discusses the powerful short open-source book The Power of Debt: Identity and Collective Action in the Age of Finance (Institute on Inequality and Democracy, 2019). The book was published by the Institute on Inequality... Read More