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Kathleen M. McIntyre, “Protestantism and State Formation in Postrevolutionary Oaxaca” (U New Mexico Press, 2019)
Dr. Kathleen M. McIntyre’s Protestantism and State Formation in Postrevolutionary Oaxaca (University of New Mexico Press, 2019) explores the impact of Protestantism on Catholic indigenous communities in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca in the period directly following the Mexican Revolution 1910-1920. Dr. McIntyre’s work illustrates that conversion to Protestantism,... Read More
Dan Jones, “Crusaders: The Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands” (Viking, 2019)
Much has been written about the Crusades, the religiously-inspired wars that pockmarked the later centuries of the Middle Ages. Yet for all of the many books on the subject there has been surprisingly little focus on the men and the women who were entangled in these conflicts. In his book... Read More
Samuel Goldman, “God’s Country: Christian Zionism in America” (U Penn Press, 2018)
Samuel Goldman, who teaches political science at George Washington University, Washington DC, has written a powerfully impressive new book on the long history of the political theology that he describes as “Christian Zionism.” God’s Country: Christian Zionism in America takes some very unexpected routes through a subject that, in some... Read More
Matthew A. Sutton, “Double Crossed: The Missionaries Who Spied for the United States During the Second World War” (Basic Books, 2019)
What makes a good missionary makes a good spy. Or so thought “Wild” Bill Donovan when he secretly recruited a team of religious activists for the Office of Strategic Services. They entered into a world of lies, deception, and murder, confident that their nefarious deeds would eventually help them expand... Read More
Jonathan Robker, “Balaam in Text and Tradition” (Mohr Siebeck, 2019)
Balaam plays a prominent role in the book of Numbers, but who was he? Where did he come from? What was his religion? What was his occupation? The mystery of Balaam has interested exegetes and scribes for millennia. Join us as we talk to Jonathan Miles Robker about his book... Read More
Andrew Steinmann, “Genesis: An Introduction and Commentary” (IVP Academic, 2019)
Genesis is a book of origins: of the world, of sin, of God’s promise of redemption, and of the people of Israel. It traces God’s pledge of a Savior through Abraham’s line down to his great-grandson Judah. It serves as a foundation for the New Testament and its teaching that... Read More
Nicole C. Kirk, “Wanamaker’s Temple: The Business of Religion in an Iconic Department Store” (NYU Press, 2018)
“On Christmas Eve, 1911, John Wanamaker stood in the middle of his elaborately decorated department store building in Philadelphia as shoppers milled around him picking up last minute Christmas presents. On that night, as for years to come, the store was filled with the sound of Christmas carols sung by... Read More