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Ryan Hackenbracht, “National Reckonings: The Last Judgement and Literature in Milton’s England” (Cornell UP, 2019)
Ryan Hackenbracht, who is an associate professor of English at Texas Tech University, has just published one of the most innovative and stimulating discussions of the interplay between literature and religion in early modern England. National Reckonings: The Last Judgement and Literature in Milton’s England (Cornell University Press, 2019) opens... Read More
William Poole, “Milton and the Making of Paradise Lost” (Harvard UP, 2017)
John Milton’s Paradise Lost (1667) is widely recognised as the greatest epic poem in the English language – and it is buried in the commentary of thousands of other texts. William Poole, who is John Galsworthy Fellow and Tutor in English at New College, Oxford, has written what will be... Read More
Peter J. Williams, “Can We Trust the Gospels?” (Crossway, 2018)
Is there evidence to believe the Gospels? The Gospels―Matthew, Mark, Luke, John―are four accounts of Jesus’s life and teachings while on earth. But should we accept them as historically accurate? What evidence is there that the recorded events actually happened? In his new book Can We Trust the Gospels (Crossway,... Read More
Jeffrey S. McDonald, “John Gerstner and the Renewal of Presbyterian and Reformed Evangelicalism in Modern America” (Pickwick, 2017)
One of the most important trends within evangelicalism over the last half-century has been a renewal of Reformed theology. In this important new book, Jeffrey S. McDonald, who is a Presbyterian pastor in Bellevue, Nebraska, and an affiliate professor of church history at Sioux Falls Seminary, Omaha, reconstructs the life... Read More
Tricia Bruce, “Parish and Place: Making Room for Diversity in the American Catholic Church” (Oxford UP, 2017)
What does a typical American Catholic parish look like? Tricia Bruce, an affiliate of the University of Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Religion and Society, argues in her new book that America’s largest denomination is held together by the differences it contains. Parish and Place: Making Room for Diversity... Read More
Todd L. Patterson, “The Plot-structure of Genesis” (Brill, 2018)
Does Genesis function merely as the beginning of the Bible’s larger story, or can Genesis be read as its own book? Does Genesis have its own plot that moves from complication to dénouement? Todd L. Patterson, in his recent book The Plot-structure of Genesis (Brill 2018), says, ‘Yes!’ The book... Read More