New Books Network

Patrick S. McKay, “Healing the Breach: Mormonism, Metaphors, and the Pieces of the Puzzle” (Lulu Press, 2018)
Patrick S. McKay, an apostle of the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches, believes that the Latter Day Saint movement is fractured. But one day soon, he hopes, that will change. In his new book, Healing the Breach: Mormonism, Metaphors, and the Pieces of the Puzzle (Lulu Press, 2018), McKay has... Read More
Naomi Pullin, “Female Friends and the Making of Transatlantic Quakerism, 1650-1750” (Cambridge UP, 2018)
Naomi Pullin, who is Assistant Professor of Early Modern British History at the University of Warwick, UK, has just published an outstanding account of Female Friends and the Making of Transatlantic Quakerism, 1650-1750 (Cambridge University Press, 2018). Appearing in the prestigious series, Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History, the book... Read More
Paul K.-K. Cho, “Myth, History, and Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
What is the relationship between the Hebrew Bible and ancient Near Eastern myths? Combining theories of metaphor and narrative, Paul Cho argues that the Hebrew Bible is more deeply mythological than previously recognized. Tune in as we talk with Paul Cho about the Sea Myth in the Hebrew Bible, the... Read More
Kelly J. Beard, “An Imperfect Rapture” (Zone 3 Press, 2018)
Many of you listening to this now probably recall growing up in a household of faith. You may have fond memories of the familiar rituals, the holidays, the shared family values. A weekly service at a church, a temple or a mosque. For many worshippers, religion can provide a sense... Read More
Randall Stephens, “The Devil’s Music: How Christians Inspired, Condemned, and Embraced Rock n’ Roll” (Harvard UP, 2018)
I was immediately drawn to the book The Devil’s Music by Dr. Randall Stephens, Associate Professor of British and American Studies at the University of Oslo. Dr. Stephens and I came across one another online and the book, which combines part rock n’ roll history, part American Christianity history, was... Read More
Thomas A. Wayment, “The New Testament: A Translation for Latter-day Saints” (BYU, 2019)
Dr. Thomas A. Wayment, professor of Classics at Brigham Young University, has done something remarkable — he has retranslated the New Testament. This new translation from the best available Greek manuscripts, entitled, The New Testament: A Translation for Latter-day Saints (Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2019), renders the New... Read More