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Drew Thomases, “Guest is God: Pilgrimage, Tourism, and Making Paradise in India” (Oxford UP, 2019)
In Guest is God: Pilgrimage, Tourism, and Making Paradise in India (Oxford University Press, 2019) Drew Thomases investigates the Indian pilgrimage town of Pushkar. While the town consists of 20,000 residents, it boasts two million visitors annually.  Sacred to the creator god, Brahma, Pushkar is understood as heaven on earth –... Read More
Candi K. Cann, “Dying to Eat: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Food, Death and the Afterlife” (UP of Kentucky, 2018)
In this this interview, Carrie Tippen talks with Candi K. Cann, editor of the new collection, Dying to Eat: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Food, Death and the Afterlife (University Press of Kentucky). Dying to Eat is an interdisciplinary collection of essays that examine the role of food in rituals surrounding... Read More
Edward J. Robinson, “Hard-Fighting Soldiers: A History of African American Churches of Christ” (U Tennessee Press, 2019)
In his new book Hard-Fighting Soldiers: A History of African American Churches of Christ (University of Tennessee Press, 2019), Edward J. Robinson provides a comprehensive look at the church’s improbable development against a backdrop of African American oppression. The journey begins with a lesser known preacher, F. F. Carson, in... Read More
Kevin W. Fogg, “Indonesia’s Islamic Revolution” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
As Indonesia nears the 75th anniversary of its proclamation of independence this year, the socio-political debates surrounding her birth as a nation-state take on contemporary salience. In Indonesia’s Islamic Revolution (Cambridge UP, 2019), Kevin W. Fogg analyzes the religious aspirations that motivated many Muslim revolutionaries to fight the return of... Read More
Yitzhak Lewis, “Permanent Beginning: R. Nachman of Braslav and Jewish Literary Modernity” (SUNY Press, 2020)
The Hasidic leader R. Nachman of Braslav (1772–1810) has held a place in the Jewish popular imagination for more than two centuries. Some see him as the (self-proclaimed) Messiah, others as the forerunner of modern Jewish literature. Existing studies struggle between these dueling readings, largely ignoring questions of aesthetics and... Read More
Ayesha Siddiqi, “In the Wake of Disaster: Islamists, the State and a Social Contract in Pakistan” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
Over the last couple of decades, a number of books written both by the academics and journalists   have appeared on many dysfunctions of the Pakistani state, a few of them even predicting why and how and when it is going to collapse. Against this grain, Ayesha Siddiqi’s new book, In... Read More
Adheesh Sathaye, “Crossing the Lines of Caste” (Oxford UP, 2015)
What does it mean to be a Brahmin, and what could it mean to become one? The ancient Indian mythological figure Viśvāmitra accomplishes just this, transforming himself from a king into a Brahmin by cultivation of ascetic power. The book, Crossing the Lines of Caste, examines legends of the irascible... Read More
Keith Macpherson, “Making Sense of Mindfulness: 5 Principals to Integrate Mindfulness Practice into Your Daily Life” (Morgan James, 2018)
Mindfulness has become a major buzzword in culture today, and yet very few people understand what this word actually means and how to integrate this practice into their daily lives. In a world filled with noise and distractions―including cell phones, millions of advertisements, and increasing pressure to do more, be... Read More
Johanna Pink, “Muslim Qurʾānic Interpretation Today: Media, Genealogies and Interpretive Communities” (Equinox, 2018)
Qurʾanic interpretation in contemporary societies is shaped in a multitude of ways. There are educational institutions that inform how one understands the text, linguistic hurdles for readers and commentators, publicly accessible forms of media, editors and translators that shape what audiences have access to, and global interpretive positions among various... Read More