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Lara Harb, “Arabic Poetics: Aesthetic Experience in Classical Arabic Literature” (Cambridge UP, 2020)
Lara Harb’s Arabic Poetics: Aesthetic Experience in Classical Arabic Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2020) is a delightful and formidable study on the details and development of poetics and aesthetics in medieval Arabic literature. The central theme of this splendid book centers on the emergence of the evocation of wonder as... Read More
G. K. Beale and Benjamin L. Gladd, “The Story Retold: A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament” (IVP Academic, 2020)
New Testament introductions fall into two categories: those that emphasize the history behind the text through discussions of authorship, dating, and audience, and those that explore the content of the text itself. Few introductions weave the Old Testament into their discussions, and fewer still rely on the grand narrative of... Read More
Hamsa Stainton, “Poetry as Prayer in the Sanskrit Hymns of Kashmir” (Oxford UP, 2019)
In Poetry as Prayer in the Sanskrit Hymns of Kashmir (Oxford University Press, 2019), Hamsa Stainton explores the relationship between ‘poetry’ and ‘prayer’ in South Asia through close examination of the history of Sanskrit hymns of praise (stotras) in Kashmir from the eighth century onwards. Beyond charting the history and features... Read More
James A. Diamond, “Jewish Theology Unbound” (Oxford UP, 2018)
James A. Diamond discusses his new book, Jewish Theology Unbound (Oxford University Press, 2018), with Rachel Adelman. This book challenges the widespread caricature of Judaism as a religion of law as opposed to theology. Broad swaths of rabbinic literature involve not just law but what could be best described as... Read More
Taylor Petrey, “Tabernacles of Clay: Sexuality and Gender in Modern Mormonism” (UNC Press, 2020)
Taylor Petrey is an Associate Professor of Religion at Kalamazoo College and the Editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. His latest book is Tabernacles of Clay: Sexuality and Gender in Modern Mormonism (University of North Carolina Press, 2020).  In it, Petrey documents and theorizes about Latter-day Saint teachings... Read More
Mauro Nobili, “Sultan, Caliph, and the Renewer of the Faith” (Cambridge UP, 2020)
In the early 19th century, on the floodplain of the Niger river’s inland delta in West Africa (present-day Mali), the Caliphate of Ḥamdallāhi emerged. The new State, locally known as the Maasina Diina, sought to consolidate its dominance over Fulani, Bamanan, and Arma military and political elites, as well as... Read More
John Stratton Hawley, “Krishna’s Playground: Vrindavan in the 21st Century” (Oxford UP, 2020)
John Stratton Hawley‘s new book Krishna’s Playground: Vrindavan in the 21st Century (Oxford University Press, 2020) about a deeply beloved place-many call it the spiritual capital of India. Located at a dramatic bend in the River Yamuna, a hundred miles from the center of Delhi, Vrindavan is the spot where... Read More
Gabriel Said Reynolds, “Allah: God in the Qur’an” (Yale UP, 2020)
In Allah: God in the Qur’an (Yale University Press, 2020), Gabriel Said Reynolds argues that contrary to many scholarly and popular claims about the God of the Qur’an as either merciful or vengeful, God is in fact both. He suggests that God’s nature is a mystery and the descriptions of God, as... Read More
Brian Greene, “Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe” (Random House, 2020)
Brian Greene is a Professor of Mathematics and Physics at Columbia University in the City of New York, where he is the Director of the Institute for Strings, Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics, and co-founder and chair of the World Science Festival. He is well known for his TV mini-series about... Read More