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Jay Wexler, “Our Non-Christian Nation” (Redwood Press, 2019)
Less and less Christian demographically, America is now home to an ever-larger number of people who say they identify with no religion at all. These non-Christians have increasingly been demanding their full participation in public life, bringing their arguments all the way to the Supreme Court. The law is on... Read More
Andrew J. Byers, “Ecclesiology and Theosis in the Gospel of John” (Cambridge University Press, 2017)
For the author of the fourth Gospel, there is neither a Christless church nor a churchless Christ. In his book Ecclesiology and Theosis in the Gospel of John (Cambridge University Press, 2017), Andrew J. Byers argues that ecclesiology is as central a Johannine concern as Christology. Rather than focusing on... Read More
Jonathan A. C. Brown, “Slavery and Islam” (Oneworld Academic, 2019)
In his majestic and encyclopedic new book Slavery and Islam (Oneworld Academic, 2019), Jonathan A. C. Brown presents a sweeping analysis of Muslim intellectual, political, and social entanglements with slavery, and some of the thorniest conceptual and ethical problems involved in defining and writing about slavery. Self-reflective and bold, Slavery... Read More
Roberto Strongman, “Queering Black Atlantic Religions: Transcorporeality in Candomblé, Santería, and Vodou” (Duke UP, 2019)
In Queering Black Atlantic Religions: Transcorporeality in Candomblé, Santería, and Vodou (Duke University Press, 2019), Roberto Strongman reveals  the many non-heteronormative texts, practices and beliefs though which Black Atlantic religious practices in Haiti, Cuba and Brazil  were constituted.  Strongman examines Haitian Vodou, Cuban Lucumí/Santería, and Brazilian Candomblé to demonstrate how... Read More
Paul Lay, “Providence Lost: The Rise and Fall of Cromwell’s Protectorate” (Head of Zeus, 2020)
In today’s episode, we catch up with Paul Lay, editor of the leading journal History Today. Paul is the author of a brilliant new account of the British republic. Providence Lost: The Rise and Fall of Cromwell’s Protectorate (Head of Zeus, 2020) is the most up to date and accessible... Read More
SpearIt, “American Prisons: A Critical Primer on Culture and Conversion to Islam” (First Edition Design, 2017)
America has the largest incarcerated population in the world. This staggering and troubling fact has driven a great deal of scholarship. Much of this research has shown that mass incarceration in America is facilitated by systemic racial discrimination, which disproportionately affects African-American and Latinx communities. Only recently have scholars focused... Read More
Catherine Newell, “Destined for the Stars: Faith, the Future, and America’s Final Frontier” (U Pittsburgh Press, 2017)
Catherine Newell talks about the religious roots of the final frontier, focusing on the collaboration of artist Chesley Bonestell, science writer Willy Ley, and the NASA rocket engineer Wernher von Braun. Newell is an assistant professor of religion and science at the University of Miami. She’s the author of Destined for the... Read More