Veronica Raggi, “Exposure Therapy for Treating Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: A Comprehensive Guide” (New Harbinger, 2018)
While most children experience some fear and anxiety, some develop more extreme forms of anxiety that can impair their daily functioning. In this episode, cross-posted from the podcast Psychologists Off The Clock, Dr. Veronica Raggi, expert on childhood and adolescent anxiety disorders, discusses her book Exposure Therapy for Treating Anxiety in... Read More
Susan Greenfield, “You and Me: The Neuroscience of Identity” (Notting Hill Editions, 2016)
What makes you who you are? What makes you distinct from me? What is identity? In the book You and Me: The Neuroscience of Identity (Notting Hill Editions, 2016), Baroness Susan Greenfield scientifically dives into concepts of identity from, a biological perspective, that are usually reserved for philosophers. In this interview... Read More
Michael Kearney, “The Nest in the Stream: Lessons from Nature on Being with Pain” (Parallax Press, 2018)
In this episode, cross posted from the podcast Psychologists Off the Clock, Dr. Diana Hill interviews Dr. Michael Kearney, a palliative care physician who takes an interpersonal, integrative approach to healing. Dr. Kearney shares with us how he has had to learn to “breathe underwater” and allow pain to move... Read More
Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sharpe, “Practical Wisdom: The Right Way to Do the Right Thing” (Riverhead Books, 2011)
In this episode, cross-posted from the podcast Psychologists Off The Clock, Dr. Yael Schonbrun interviews Dr. Barry Schwartz, co-author (with Kenneth Sharpe) of the book Practical Wisdom: The Right Way to Do the Right Thing (Riverhead Books, 2011). Dr. Schwartz dives into a discussion of his writing on the ways that... Read More
Damien Riggs, “The Psychic Life of Racism in Gay Men’s Communities” (Lexington Books, 2018)
In order to fully grasp the workings of racism, we cannot limit ourselves to examining it within majority cultures. Racism exists in minority cultures, such as the gay community, but the intersection of diverse minority identities can make the operation of racism difficult to see. This is the subject of... Read More
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