New Books Network

Sam Han, “(Inter)Facing Death: Life in Global Uncertainty” (Routledge, 2020)
In modern times, death is understood to have undergone a transformation not unlike religion. Whereas in the past it was out in the open, it now resides mostly in specialized spaces of sequestration—funeral homes, hospitals and other medical facilities. A mainstay in so-called traditional societies in the form of ritual... Read More
Brian Greene, “Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe” (Random House, 2020)
Brian Greene is a Professor of Mathematics and Physics at Columbia University in the City of New York, where he is the Director of the Institute for Strings, Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics, and co-founder and chair of the World Science Festival. He is well known for his TV mini-series about... Read More
Donald F. Stevens, “Mexico in the Time of Cholera” (U New Mexico Press, 2019)
Donald F. Stevens offers us a portrait of early republican life in his new book, Mexico in the Time of Cholera, published in 2019 by the University of New Mexico Press. Although Stevens uses the 1833 Cholera epidemic that devastated independent Mexico as his his point of departure, this is... Read More
Elinor Carmi, “Media Distortions: Understanding the Power Behind Spam, Noise, and Other Deviant Media” (Peter Lang, 2020)
What is spam? In Media Distortions: Understanding the Power Behind Spam, Noise, and Other Deviant Media (Peter Lang, 2020), Dr Elinor Carmi, a postdoctoral research associate in digital culture and society at the University of Liverpool, takes this simple category that seems ever present in our online lives to explain corporate... Read More
Govind Gopakumar, “Installing Automobility: Emerging Politics of Mobility and Streets in Indian Cities” (MIT Press, 2020)
Automobiles and their associated infrastructures, deeply embedded in Western cities, have become a rapidly growing presence in the mega-cities of the Global South. Streets, once crowded with pedestrians, pushcarts, vendors, and bicyclists, are now choked with motor vehicles, many of them private automobiles. In Installing Automobility: Emerging Politics of Mobility... Read More
Kory E. Olson, “The Cartographic Capital: Mapping Third Republic Paris” (Liverpool UP, 2018)
When is the last time you looked at/consulted a paper map? Perhaps you have one hanging on a wall at home or work, framed or not. Or maybe you have some old road maps in a stack somewhere, as I do, sitting untouched since various digital forms have made printed... Read More
Nick Prior, “Popular Music, Digital Technology and Society” (SAGE, 2018)
Nick Prior—Professor of Cultural Sociology at the University of Edinburgh—discusses his new book, Popular Music, Digital Technology and Society (SAGE Publications, 2018). The book explores the social, cultural and industrial contexts for the changes that have taken place in popular music since the widespread adoption of digital technology by creators,... Read More
Paul Harkins, “Digital Sampling: The Design and Use of Music Technologies” (Routledge, 2019)
How does technology shape music? In Digital Sampling: The Design and Use of Music Technologies (Routledge, 2019), Paul Harkins, a lecturer in music at Edinburgh Napier University, looks at the relationship between the rise of digital sampling, technology, and music. The book draws inspiration from Science and Technology Studies to explore... Read More