New Books Network

Matthew James, “Collecting Evolution: The Galapagos Expedition that Vindicated Darwin” (Oxford UP, 2017)
Matthew James talks about the 1905 Galapagos Expedition organized by the California Academy of Sciences. James is a professor of geology at Sonoma State University. He is the author of Collecting Evolution: The Galapagos Expedition that Vindicated Darwin (Oxford University Press, 2017). In 1905, eight men from the California Academy... Read More
Daniel Veidlinger, “From Indra’s Net to Internet: Communication, Technology, and the Evolution of Buddhist Ideas” (U Hawaii Press, 2018)
In this episode of New Books in Buddhist Studies, I am joined by Daniel Veidlinger to discuss his exciting new book From Indra’s Net to Internet: Communication, Technology, and the Evolution of Buddhist Ideas (University of Hawaii Press, 2018), which offers a theoretically compelling exploration of the types communicative “ecosystems”... Read More
Lindsey Green-Simms, “Postcolonial Automobility: Car Culture in West Africa” (U Minnesota Press, 2019)
Cars promise freedom, autonomy, and above all, movement but leave whole cities stuck in traffic, breathing polluted air, exposed of deadly crashes, and dependent on vast the vast infrastructures of road networks, and oil production. Postcolonial Automobility: Car Culture in West Africa (University of Minnesota Press, 2019) examines the paradoxes... Read More
David Philip Miller, “The Life and Legend of James Watt” (U Pittsburgh Press, 2019)
For all of his fame as one of the seminal figures of the Industrial Revolution, James Watt is a person around whom many misconceptions congregate. In The Life and Legend of James Watt: Collaboration, Natural Philosophy, and the Improvement of the Steam Engine (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019), David Philip... Read More
Margaret O’Mara, “The Code: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America” (Penguin Press, 2019)
Seventy years ago, there was no Apple Campus or Googleplex. Silicon Valley itself didn’t even exist! The region was filled with sleepy towns, prune trees, and orange groves. Since then, the cluster of computer-related companies based in Silicon Valley has shifted the gravity of the United States, providing a Pacific... Read More
Shai Lavi, “Bioethics and Biopolitics in Israel: Socio-legal, Political and Empirical Analysis” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
Once upon a time, or so we’ve been told, medical ethics were confined to the patient-doctor relationship. As long as doctors were true to their Hippocratic oaths, as long as they acted with compassion and wisdom, then all expectations were met. Life is more complicated today, and so is healthcare:... Read More
Andrew Wright Hurley, “Ludwig Leichhardt’s Ghosts: The Strange Career of a Traveling Myth” (Camden House, 2018)
Andrew Wright Hurley talks about the life and afterlife of the Prussian explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, a man whose reputation has shifted to reflect the changing cultures of Australia and Germany over the past 160 years. Hurley is an associate professor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the... Read More