New Books Network

Ekaterina Svetlova, “Financial Models and Society: Villains or Scapegoats” (Elgar, 2018)
The machines have taken over…. For many operating in investment management, it can certainly seem that way: factor investing, algorithmic investing, dynamic hedging instruments, risk management derivatives driven by changes in market prices, etc. dominate much of the investment narrative. And now and again these supposedly superior investment approaches get... Read More
Anthony Ryan Hatch, “Silent Cells: The Secret Drugging of Captive America” (U Minnesota Press, 2019)
Over the past forty years, U.S. prisons and jails have used various psychotropic drugs. In this interview, Anthony Ryan Hatch discusses the need to think deeply about mass incarceration, pharmaceuticals, and psychiatry. He talks about the role of pharmacies and drug experiments in prison settings, and he underlines the ways... Read More
Lina del Castillo, “Crafting a Republic for the World: Scientific, Geographic and Historiographic Inventions of Colombia” (U Nebraska Press, 2018)
Lina del Castillo’s book explores scientific, geographic, and historiographic inventions in nineteenth-century Colombia. In this fascinating book, well-known figures of Colombia’s history (such as Francisco José de Caldas, and José María Samper) are cast under new light, while unexplored institutions such as the Instituto Caldas and the Colegio Militar are... Read More
Diana Pasulka, “American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology” (Oxford UP, 2019)
More than half of American adults and more than seventy-five percent of young Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life. This level of belief rivals that of belief in God. In American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology (Oxford University Press, 2019), professor Diana Pasulka examines the mechanisms at work behind the thriving... Read More
Robin Scheffler, “A Contagious Cause: The American Hunt for Cancer Viruses and the Rise of Molecular Medicine” (U Chicago Press, 2019)
Could cancer be a contagious disease? Although this possibility might seem surprising to many of us, it has a long history. In fact, efforts to develop a cancer vaccine drew more money than the Human Genome Project. In his first book, MIT historian of science Robin Wolfe Scheffler takes readers... Read More
Greta LaFleur, “The Natural History of Sexuality in Early America” (Johns Hopkins UP, 2018)
In The Natural History of Sexuality in Early America (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018), Greta LaFleur invites readers to consider a different body. The book effectively historicizes categories that are often take for granted (sex, race, vice, habit), and shows us not only their temporal contingency, but also invites the... Read More
Anna Rose Alexander, “City on Fire: Technology, Social Change, and the Hazards of Progress in Mexico City, 1860-1910” (U Pittsburgh Press, 2016)
Dr. Anna Rose Alexander’s City on Fire: Technology, Social Change, and the Hazards of Progress in Mexico City, 1860-1910 (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2016) looks at fire as an active agent of change in the urban environment (a catalyst for change). She examines the approaches to dealing with the ever-present... Read More