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Gregory A. Scott

Apr 16, 2020

Building the Buddhist Revival

Reconstructing Monasteries in Modern China

Oxford University Press 2020

Gregory A. Scott's Building the Buddhist Revival: Reconstructing Monasteries in Modern China (Oxford University Press, 2020) is the first major work in any language to address the topic of Buddhist monastery reconstructions. This book focuses on reconstructions of Buddhist monasteries in modern China that took place in the period from 1866 to 1966, beginning with the Taiping War in the late Qing and ending with the first seventeen years of the People’s Republic of China. Making extensive use of Chinese Buddhist periodical sources and incorporating Digital Humanities techniques to collect and analyze data, this monograph argues that the building of Buddhist revival in modern China was done in part through the reconstruction of Buddhist monasteries. Building on and engaging with Holmes Welch’s The Buddhist Revival in China (1968), Dr. Scott provides a new framework for understanding the revival of Buddhism in modern China, that “while Buddhist monastery reconstruction in China operates under the guise of a return to the past, it is in fact a confident, energetic step into the future.”
Daigengna Duoer is a PhD student at the Religious Studies Department, University of California, Santa Barbara. Her dissertation researches on transnational/transregional networks of Buddhism centered in twentieth-century Inner Mongolia and Manchuria that were connected to Republican China, Tibet, and imperial Japan.

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Daigengna Duoer

Daigengna Duoer is a Ph.D. candidate in the Religious Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her dissertation is a digital humanities project mapping the history of transnational and transregional Buddhist networks connecting early twentieth-century Inner Mongolia, Manchuria, Republican China, Tibet, and the Japanese Empire.

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