How Many Revolutions Did Russia Have in 1917?

In the fourth podcast of Arguing History, Mark D. Steinberg and Michael David-Fox discuss the factors driving the Russian Revolutions of 1917. They consider how what is often remembered as two distinct events was in fact a multitude of different revolutions, reflecting the various goals of a diverse range of participants. In the process, they debate the underlying factors behind them, the reasons why events took the courses they did, and how it was that such a profusion of revolutions came to be defined in the way that we remember them today.

Mark D. Steinberg is Professor of History at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champlain and the author of several books about Russian history, including The Russian Revolution, 1905-1921, Petersburg Fin de Siecle, and Voices of the Revolution 1917.

Michael David-Fox is Professor in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service and Department of History at Georgetown University and the author of Revolution of the Mind: Higher Learning Among the Bolsheviks, 1918-1929 and Showcasing the Great Experiment: Cultural Diplomacy and Western Visitors to the Soviet Union, 1921-1941.