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Iraj Bashiri

Jul 30, 2020

The History of the Civil War in Tajikistan

Academic Studies Press 2020

In The History of the Civil War in Tajikistan (Academic Studies Press, 2020) Iraj Bashiri provides an overview of the Civil War in Tajikistan that emerged amidst the collapse of the Soviet Union. Based on personal observations, interviews, and a variety of primary and secondary publications, Bashiri places the conflict in a broader historical context, paying careful attention to longstanding tensions that came to the forefront in the early 1990s. These include ideology, regionalism, and, most importantly, disagreements over the role of religion in the functioning of the state. This book will be useful for students, scholars, and any others interested in the recent history of Tajikistan and Central Asia. Iraj Bashiri is one of the leading scholars in the fields of Central Asian studies and Iranian studies with a focus on Tajik and Iranian identity.
Nicholas Seay is a PhD candidate at The Ohio State University.

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Nicholas Seay

Nicholas Seay is a PhD student at Ohio State University

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