Lucy Series, "Deprivation of Liberty in the Shadows of the Institution" (Bristol UP, 2022)


Dr Lucy Series Deprivations of Liberty in The Shadows of the Institution (Bristol University Press, 2022) is one that I have long been looking forward to reading, and it did not disappoint. Series provides a rich historical and socio-legal context to bring new understanding of the post-carceral era, and the legacies of the institutions which continue to shape the contemporary era of social care detention. She provides an in-depth analysis of the very odd legal landscape that has been imported into the British care system, to draw out the specific logics, locus and temporality of a complex social problem, for which the legal solution has produced anomalous results. Her key concern goes beyond bringing new understanding of the ways that individuals are regulated and controlled. Crucially, Series delves into what we should be aiming for. 

Dr Lucy Series is a lecturer in the school for policy studies at the University of Bristol. She also writes a fabulous blog, The Small Places.

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