Martin Abrahamson and Sanjiv Chopra

Jul 8, 2022

Conquer Your Diabetes: Prevention, Control, Remission


Managing diabetes often feels daunting and challenging. Conquer Your Diabetes comprehensively covers the best approaches to prevention, control and remission of this condition, and provides a roadmap for people with diabetes to live rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Drs. Abrahamson and Chopra are renowned master clinicians and teachers at Harvard Medical School, with decades of extensive clinical experience.

The global epidemic of diabetes and prediabetes afflicts more than 1 billion people. Sadly, more than 50% of people with diabetes do not achieve their desired glucose control. Moreover, less than 25% achieve their blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose goals.

In 25 succinct chapters, the authors put all the pieces of the diabetes puzzle together, including a concise history of the disease, underlying types and causes, prediabetes, obesity, weight loss, pregnancy, mental health, type 2 diabetes prevention and remission, and latest treatments.

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