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Tracy Doris Morgan Tracy D. Morgan is the founding Editor and Host of NBiP, which was awarded the NAAP Gradiva Award for New Media...

Tracy Doris Morgan

Tracy D. Morgan is the founding Editor and Host of NBiP, which was awarded the NAAP Gradiva Award for New Media in 2013. A psychoanalyst in private practice for over 20 years in both NYC and now Rome, Italy, she is also a graduate of The Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies where she serves on the faculty. Many years ago, while becoming an academic historian, with an interest in the history of sexuality, medicine, culture and race, she decided that history with a small “h” was more her speed and began to see patients. While steeped in and admiring of clinical modes that are decidedly Modern Psychoanalytic, (she has been fortunate to have been mentored, analyzed and supervised by adherents of Spotnitz, including Ormont, Meadow and Geltner themselves) she is equally interested in experiencing and exploring the larger world of psychoanalytic thinking. As such you will find her talking with members of all schools. She remains devoted to bringing a wide variety of psychoanalytic ideas into the ether where she thinks they very much so belong. Finally, she is delighted to have witnessed many hosts join the podcast and she is proud to be part of this ecumenical crew—which in psychoanalysis is no small feat. You can reach her at


Christopher Bandini

Christopher Bandini, LCSW is a psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City. He is a clinical social worker and a graduate of the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis. He currently teaches and supervises at several psychoanalytic institutes including Manhattan and the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapies(ICP). His current interests include comparative psychoanalytic theory, the history of the Interpersonal school and the daily challenges of contemporary practice. His article, “The Good Job: Financial Anxiety, Class Envy and Drudgery in Beginning a Private Analytic Practice” was published in Volume 42 of Contemporary Psychoanalysis.


Stephen Dozeman



Stephen Dozeman did his BA in philosophy, minoring in art history and gender studies, at Calvin College. His main interests are 20th century continental philosophy (with particular focus on Heidegger), critical theory and Marxism. His interest in psychoanalysis was first sparked in college as a way of thinking about the functions of religion and art in peoples inner and social lives. He continues to read regularly and write occasionally.


Isak de Vries


Isak de Vries, LCSW is a psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City.  He is a candidate at The Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research’s Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy program, and his current research focuses on theories of individual and group identity.


Anna Fishzon

Anna Fishzon, PhD, LP is a licensed psychoanalyst in private practice in New York and an advanced candidate at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR). For ten years she taught interdisciplinary courses on a broad range of topics, including Russian history, psychoanalysis, literature, and gender and sexuality at Williams College, Columbia University, and Duke University. She is the author of Fandom, Authenticity, and Opera: Mad Acts and Letter Scenesin Fin-de-Siècle Russia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), as well as articles on sound recording and celebrity.  Her most recent scholarly articles consider late-socialist temporality and the queerness of Brezhnev-era childhood. Anna is coediting The Queerness of Childhood: Essays from the Other Side of the Looking Glass (Palgrave, forthcoming) with Emma Lieber.  She is co-editor of The Candidate Journal: Psychoanalytic Currents.


Philip Lance

Philip Lance, PhD, is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Los Angeles. He is training to become a psychoanalyst at The Psychoanalytic Center of California. He is very interested in comparative psychoanalysis and in the science of subjectivity. He began his career as an ordained minister in the Episcopal church and founded a large educational nonprofit organization which he directed for 20 years. He can be reached at


Jordan Osserman

Jordan Osserman grew up in South Florida and currently calls London home. He received his PhD in gender studies and psychoanalysis from University College London, his MA in psychosocial studies from Birkbeck College, and his BA in women’s and gender studies from Dartmouth College. His PhD dissertation brought psychoanalytic theory to bear on the practice of male circumcision. Jordan is particularly interested in Lacanian thought, feminist and queer debates over sexual difference, and the intersection of psychoanalysis and leftist politics. His published work can be found here.


Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell, LP is a psychoanalyst practicing in Chelsea, Manhattan. He earned his Master’s in Psychoanalysis at The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis in Brookline, Massachusetts and did is clinical training for licensure at The Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in New York.


Vira Sachenko

Vira Sachenko is a scholar of philosophy, cultural studies, and psychoanalysis based in Berlin. She studied ethics and aesthetics at ECLA (now Bard College Berlin) as well as literature and culture studies at the University of Potsdam, Germany. She thinks and writes on a wide range of topics, including the history of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, literature and literary theory, Ancient Greek philosophy and tragedy, and histories of social justice movements. She has been deepening her love and commitment to psychoanalysis through theory and practice in Berlin, and is looking forward to her imminent training as an analyst. You can email her at


Cassandra B. Seltman




Cassandra B. Seltman is a writer and psychoanalyst in private practice in NYC. She writes on the intersection of art, politics and psychoanalysis, as well as conducts research on the early stages of psychosis at The Graduate Center. Recent publications can be found in The LA Review of Books, DIVISION/Review, Public Seminar, and Modern Psychoanalysis.


Sebastian Thrul

Sebastian Thrul is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in training with the German Psychoanalytical Society (DPG) in Germany and Switzerland, working with a wide variety of patients in institutional settings. His main clinical interest is the application of psychoanalytic technique to work within the health care system (despite all the limitations). He writes and speaks on diverse topics such as the feminist critique of psychoanalysis, the political implications of object relations theory or the slippery slope of postmodern thinking applied to psychoanalytic technique. He can be reached at