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Megan Haskell


The Rebel Apprentice (Vol. 3)

Trabuco Ridge Press 2017

New Books in Arts & LettersNew Books in FantasyNew Books in LiteratureNew Books Network September 18, 2017 Gabrielle Mathieu

Rie is a more than a hundred years old, and sometimes she feels like it, even if she looks like any other human girl....

Rie is a more than a hundred years old, and sometimes she feels like it, even if she looks like any other human girl. After uncovering a plot to create war between the nine realms, she and her friends are hunted, and her mentor, a distant faery relative who remains on earth to maintain peace, is seriously wounded. While the High Elves want segregation and dominance, half-human Rie has a network of alliances which span the realms. In Megan Haskell‘s Sanyare: The Rebel Apprentice (Trabuco Ridge Press, 2017)–the third installment of this engaging series–we find her on the run with hunky strawberry-blonde Prince Daenor, her own personal troop of three-inch pixie warriors, a horse-dragon, and her friend, a water fae, who almost dries up and dies during the course of their journey. Rie’s challenges include finding out which high faery was behind experiments that turned fae and elves into killers, rescuing heartthrob Prince Daenor from his own grandmother, and making an alliance with the Daemon world, a place where restless ghosts roam.

You can jump into Haskell’s series with this book, but it’s helpful to know some background. The current Truthseeker, Sanyaro, Rie’s teacher and ancestor, who uses the human name Greg, is a mediator. Rie is his apprentice. She’s also a warrior, but one who’s still doubtful of her leadership abilities. Rie’s universe consists of nine worlds, including the human one, which seems to be a handy place to escape to, when you have hordes of faery warriors on your trail. There is an autumn realm, a summer realm, and a Daemon realm, among others. Fans of Sarah Maas will appreciate Haskell’s world-building, and her feisty sword-wielding heroine.

Gabrielle Mathieu is the author of the historical fantasy Falcon series (The Falcon Flies Alone, and the upcoming The Falcon Strikes.)

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