Nancy Fraser

Jul 8, 2015

Transnationalizing the Public Sphere (Polity, 2014)

Polity Press 2014

purchase at How is "the public sphere" best conceptualized on a transnational scale? Nancy Fraser (The New School for Social Research) explores this pressing question in her book Transnationalizing the Public Sphere (Polity, 2014). Opening with Fraser's foundational essay, "Transnationalizing the Public Sphere: On the Legitimacy and Efficacy of Public Opinion in a Post-Westphalian World," the book then contains critiques of the essay from a range of scholars working in different fields and concludes with Fraser's reply, "Publicity, Subjection, Critique." The interview covers the history and formation of public sphere theory, the currents and forces in the "postnational constellation" that demands its rethinking, critical theory, what normative legitimacy and political efficacy look like on the transnational scale, and more. The book is of interest to democratic theorists, scholars of globalization, critical and postcolonial theorists, media studies scholars, and other fields.

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