New Books Network

Adrian J. Boas, “The Crusader World” (Routledge, 2015)
The Crusader World (Routledge, 2015), edited by Adrian J. Boas, is a multidisciplinary survey of the current state of research in the field of crusader studies, an area of study which has become increasingly popular in recent years. In this volume Adrian Boas draws together an impressive range of academics,... Read More
Ahmet T. Kuru, “Islam, Authoritarianism, and Underdevelopment: A Global and Historical Comparison” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
Ahmet T. Kuru’s new book Islam, Authoritarianism and Underdevelopment, A Global and Historical Comparison (Cambridge University Press, 2019) is a ground-breaking history and analysis of the evolution of the state in Muslim countries. Thoroughly researched and accessibly written, Kuru’s work traces the template of the modern-day state in many Muslim-majority... Read More
James Rosone, “Rigged” (Front Line, 2019)
In military thrillers, many authors attempt to create plausible conflicts and many come up short, but James Rosone and Miranda Watson‘s Rigged (Front Line ,2019), Book one of “The Falling Empire Series,” is a chilling what if scenario that is all too plausible. Rigged paints a tale that appears to... Read More
Sara Hughes, “Repowering Cities: Governing Climate Change Mitigation in New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto” (Cornell UP, 2019)
Scholars like Ben Barber have suggested that cities provide the democratic culture to pragmatically problem-solve challenging policy issues – such as climate change. Many North American cities have announced ambitious goals to mitigate climate change, particularly the reduction of green house gases. In her new book Repowering Cities: Governing Climate... Read More
Shoshana Keller, “Russia and Central Asia: Coexistence, Conquest, Convergence” (U Toronto Press, 2019)
Shoshana Keller’s new book, Russia and Central Asia: Coexistence, Conquest, Convergence (University of Toronto Press, 2019) provides an excellent introduction and overview of the history of Central Asia, from roughly the 14th century to the present. Focused on the territory of contemporary Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, this book... Read More
Stephen Jenkinson, “Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble” (North Atlantic Books, 2018)
Today I interviewed Stephen Jenkinson. He’s not only an author, an activist, a musician, and the founder of a school, but also an inspired etymologist, a spiritual trickster, and a mythopoetic storyteller cracking sticks and tossing them into a low fire as the spirits in the embers rise with his... Read More
Ezequiel Mercau, “The Falklands War: An Imperial History” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
The Falklands War was in many ways the defining event in the premiership of Margaret Thatcher. In many ways it was also the last roar of the British Lion. An event shrouded in both nostalgia and patriotism, at the time and subsequently. In his book, The Falklands War: An Imperial... Read More