New Books Network

Elizabeth Schmidt, “Foreign Intervention in Africa after the Cold War: Sovereignty, Responsibility, and the War on Terror” (Ohio UP, 2018)
Of all the blank spots in the mental maps of many Americans, Africa is one of the largest. Informed by a number of misconceptions and popular myths, knowledge of the continent’s complexity is poorly understood not just by ordinary citizens but by policymakers as well. This ignorance informs foreign relations... Read More
Paul K.-K. Cho, “Myth, History, and Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
What is the relationship between the Hebrew Bible and ancient Near Eastern myths? Combining theories of metaphor and narrative, Paul Cho argues that the Hebrew Bible is more deeply mythological than previously recognized. Tune in as we talk with Paul Cho about the Sea Myth in the Hebrew Bible, the... Read More
Christian Philip Peterson, “The Routledge History of World Peace Since 1750” (Routledge, 2018)
Christian Philip Peterson joins us today to talk about The Routledge History of World Peace since 1750 (Routledge, 2018), which he co-edited with William M. Knoblauch and Michael Loadenthal. The collection of essays examines the varied and multifaceted scholarship surrounding the topic of peace and engages in a fruitful dialogue... Read More
Kelly J. Beard, “An Imperfect Rapture” (Zone 3 Press, 2018)
Many of you listening to this now probably recall growing up in a household of faith. You may have fond memories of the familiar rituals, the holidays, the shared family values. A weekly service at a church, a temple or a mosque. For many worshippers, religion can provide a sense... Read More
Margaret Leslie Davis , “The Lost Gutenberg: The Astounding Story of One Book’s Five-Hundred-Year Odyssey” (TarcherPerigee, 2019)
Of the millions of books that have been published, few are as renowned or as coveted today by collectors as the famous Bible printed in the 15th century by Johannes Gutenberg. In The Lost Gutenberg: The Astounding Story of One Book’s Five-Hundred-Year Odyssey (TarcherPerigee, 2019), Margaret Leslie Davis traces the... Read More