Allison Coffelt, “Maps Are Lines We Draw: A Road Trip Through Haiti” (Lanternfish Press, 2018)
Allison Coffelt lives and writes in Columbia, Missouri. She works as the director of education and outreach for the annual documentary-based True/False Film Festival, as well as hosting the fantastic True/False Podcast, featuring interviews and commentary with documentary filmmakers, available anywhere you get podcasts. Her writing has appeared in The... Read More
Pamela Buckle Henning, “A Guide to Systems Research: Philosophy, Processes, Practice” (Springer, 2017)
Like a number of the books discussed on this podcast, A Guide to Systems Research: Philosophy, Processes, Practice (Springer, 2017), was intended to fill gaps in a field that, through its often fitful development across the widely spread branches of its multi-disciplinary networks, has found itself in need of comprehensive... Read More
Sheilagh Ogilvie, “The European Guilds: An Economic Analysis” (Princeton UP, 2019)
Guilds were prominent in medieval and early modern Europe, but their economic role has seldom been studied. In The European Guilds: An Economic Analysis (Princeton University Press, 2019), Sheilagh Ogilvie offers a wide-ranging examination of what guilds did and how they affected pre-modern economies. As Ogilvie explains, guilds were particularized... Read More
Alex Colas et al., “Food, Politics, and Society: Social Theory and the Modern Food System” (U California Press, 2018)
The consumption of food and drink is much more than what we put in our mouth. Food and drink have been a focal point of modern social theory since the inception of agrarian capitalism and the industrial revolution. The origins of food and drink are rather complex. The construction of... Read More
Margaret Arnold, “The Magdalene in the Reformation” (Harvard UP, 2018)
Mary Magdalene’s story of conversion from sinner to saint is one of Christianity’s most compelling and controversial stories. The identity of this woman, but more likely women, has been disputed since the early days of the Church, but her role as the first person to witness the resurrection of Christ... Read More