Raymond Jungles

Jun 27, 2019

The Cultivated Wild

Gardens and Landscapes

The Monacelli Press 2015

purchase at bookshop.org Raymond Jungles is the founder of the Miami based Landscape Architecture firm Raymond Jungles Inc. He graduate from the University of Florida with honors in 1981. And, was elected as a Fellow in 2006 in the American Society of Landscape Architects. Raymond’s work has earned 2 national awards and 40 state awards. He has lectured internationally at a diverse number of institutions and universities. In his book The Cultivated Wild: Gardens and Landscapes (The Monacelli Press, 2015), Jungles discusses his design process and its synthesis with local ecologies for our human desires of cultivated landscapes. The story of Jungles’s mentors weaves in and out of his projects. The art and ecology begins in the photography and hand drawings.

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