Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

Dec 12, 2017

Personal Stereo

(Object Lessons)

Bloomsbury Academic 2017

purchase at Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow's book, Personal Stereo (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017) , which is part of the Object Lessons series, offers a compelling and expertly researched study of the Sony Walkman, taking into account the device's controversial origin story, the seismic cultural impact on society in the 1980s, the worries of diminishing social interactions, and the philosophical implications of listening to music within one's own private bubble. All this is channeled through a personal nostalgic affection for the device. Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow is a writer-in-residence at the University of California, Irvine. Her writing has appeared in Slate, The Nation, The New York Times Book Review, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Dissent, where she is a contributing editor. She was previously a contributing writer for the Boston Globe's Ideas section, a columnist for the urban affairs website Next City, and a Journalism and Media Fellow at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.
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