Sarah Huffman, Elena Cotos, and Kimberly Becker

Sep 23, 2022

Preparing to Publish

Iowa State University Digital Press 2022

Listen to this interview of Sarah Huffman (Assistant Director of the Center for Communication Excellence) and Elena Cotos (Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics in the English Department and Director of the Center for Communication Excellence) and Kimberly Becker, (Lecturer in English) — all three at Iowa State University. We talk about how to ruin your or anyone's reading experience of research articles by showing you just how much is going on in the text besides research!

Kimberley Becker : "Less experienced writers of research tend to think that academic writing is this objective and faceless entity, when in fact it's very much negotiating lots of different social relationships. Academic writing is really pulling together this whole rhetorical situation of the author and the audience and the purpose. I think students, for example, get so bogged down in the complexity of the content — I mean this is very high-level content they have — that they forget that the reader has needs."

Read Preparing to Publish (Iowa State University Digital Press, 2022) here.

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