Walter Moss

Jun 20, 2008

An Age of Progress

Clashing Twentieth Century Global Forces

Anthem Press 2008

purchase at Today I'm very pleased to have Professor Walter Moss of Eastern Michigan University on the program. Walt and I have known each others for years, and I've long admired him. Walt is best known for his many works on Russian history, though his new book--the topic of our discussion today--is nothing less than an interpretation of the entire twentieth century. An Age of Progress? Clashing Twentieth Century Global Forces (Anthem Press, 2008) is a remarkable book. Readable yet scholarly, balanced yet challenging, expansive yet detailed, the book is a sort of model for the way "big" history should be written. If you seek insight into the meaning of the twentieth century for the twenty first, you should read this book. I'm glad I did. Please become a fan of "New Books in History" on Facebook if you haven't already.

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