Walter Olson

May 1, 2011

Schools for Misrule

Legal Academia and an Overlawyered America

Encounter Books 2011

purchase at What kind of education are students at top American law schools getting? And how does that education influence their activities upon graduation? In Walter Olson's Schools for Misrule: Legal Academia and an Overlawyered America (Encounter Books, 2011), the author, an economist and not a lawyer, looks at what is happening at our nation's elite law schools, and its implications for citizens, businesses, and taxpayers. Olson, a Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute, describes what he calls the consensus view of law school faculties, and how hard it is for law students to find alternative points of view. He describes how the litigation explosion's origins stem from the views of one influential professor, and the costs that this "American disease" imposes on our economy. In addition, he describes some revealing conflicts between trial lawyers and their allies that reveal the financial incentives motivating the testimony of certain scholars in favor of costly and often frivolous lawsuits. Read all about it, and more, in Olson's penetrating new book. Please become a fan of "New Books in Public Policy" on Facebook if you haven't already.

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