About Alfredo Poggi

I am part of the colleagues based in the US, Latin America, and Central Europe interested in collaborating with the NBN in Spanish. I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of North Georgia (Senior Military College, United States) with 12+ years of experience at three different universities. I taught a varied range of Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Media Theory courses. I was honored with teaching awards and outstanding student evaluations overall. I authored a peer-reviewed book, eight peer-reviewed articles, eight indexed articles, and four book reviews on Colonial/Decolonial Studies, Latin America Literature, Liberation Theology, and Mysticism. I have experience in media companies like HBO as a screenwriter, and the music industry, with some radio hits. I have coordinated several non-profit projects for the improvement of low-income communities in the US and Latin America.

NBN Episodes hosted by Alfredo: