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Matthew E. Ferris, “If One Uses It Lawfully: The Law of Moses and the Christian Life” (Wipf and Stock, 2018)
One of the most enduring debates within protestant theology has been the discussion about how the law of Moses relates to the Christian life. In this important new book, Matthew E. Ferris, a self-described “gentleman theologian,” puts the debate within the contexts of recent writing in New Testament studies as... Read More
Kenneth Olwig, “The Meanings of Landscape: Essays on Place, Space, Nature and Justice” (Routledge, 2019)
In The Meanings of Landscape: Essays on Place, Space, Nature and Justice (Routledge, 2019), Kenneth Olwig presents explorations in landscape geography and architecture from an environmental humanities perspective. With influence from art, literature, theatre staging, architecture, and garden design, landscape has now come to be viewed as a form of... Read More
Joy McCann, “Wild Sea: A History of the Southern Ocean” (U New South Wales Press, 2018)
Joy McCann discusses the great circumpolar ocean that surrounds Antarctica. McCann is the author of Wild Sea: A History of the Southern Ocean (University of New South Wales Press, 2018). She is a historian at the Centre for Environmental History at Australian National University. Flowing completely around the Earth and unimpeded... Read More
James C. W. Ahiakpor, “Macroeconomics without the Errors of Keynes” (Routledge, 2019)
I spoke with James C. W. Ahiakpor, he is Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, at California State University, East Bay, USA. We discussed his new book Macroeconomics without the Errors of Keynes: The Quantity Theory of Money, Saving, and Policy (Routledge, 2019)–a provocative title for a very original book that... Read More
Lawrence Glickman, “Free Enterprise: An American History” (Yale UP, 2019)
“Free enterprise” is an everyday phrase that connotes an American common sense. It appears everywhere from political speeches to pop culture. And it is so central to the idea of the United States that some even labeled Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims free enterprisers. In his new book, Free Enterprise:... Read More
Elizabeth D. Carney, “Eurydice and the Birth of Macedonian Power” (Oxford UP, 2019)
As the wife of a Macedonian king and the mother of three sons who would succeed him, Eurydice played an important role in Macedonia at an important moment in the kingdom’s history. In Eurydice and the Birth of Macedonian Power (Oxford University Press, 2019), Elizabeth Donnelly Carney draws upon recent... Read More
Tammy R. Vigil, “Moms in Chief: The Rhetoric of Republican Motherhood and the Spouses of Presidential Nominees, 1992-2016” (UP of Kansas, 2019)
Tammy Vigil’s new book, Moms in Chief: The Rhetoric of Republican Motherhood and the Spouses of Presidential Nominees, 1992-2016 (University Press of Kansas, 2019), examines the contemporary “first spouses” on the campaign trail, at the nominating conventions, and pays particular attention to how these women (and one man, the 2016... Read More