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The MIT Press Podcast features exclusive interviews and content that draw on the topics, themes, and trends explored in our books and journals. Subject areas that are covered include art and design, technology, science, information and data science, linguistics, neuroscience, business and management, architecture and urban design, ecology and sustainability, science fiction, and more. The podcast also regularly features high level discussions about open access publishing and knowledge.

Jacob Ward, "Visions of a Digital Nation: Market and Monopoly in British Telecommunications" (MIT Press, 2024)

February 23, 2024

Visions of a Digital Nation

Jacob Ward

In Visions of a Digital Nation: Market and Monopoly in British Telecommunications (MIT Press, 2024), Jacob Ward explains why the privatization of Brit…

Sten Grillner, "The Brain in Motion: From Microcircuits to Global Brain Function" (MIT Press, 2023)

February 23, 2024

The Brain in Motion

Sten Grillner

C. S. Sherrington said “All the brain can do is to move things". The Brain in Motion: From Microcircuits to Global Brain Function (MIT Press, 2023) sh…

Richard A. Detweiler, "The Evidence Liberal Arts Needs: Lives of Consequence, Inquiry, and Accomplishment" (MIT Press, 2021)

February 11, 2024

The Evidence Liberal Arts Needs

Richard A. Detweiler
Hosted by David Finegold

We speak with Richard Detweiler about his new book The Evidence Liberal Arts Needs: Lives of Consequence, Inquiry and Accomplishment (MIT Press, 2021)…

Marco Armiero et al., "Mussolini's Nature: An Environmental History of Italian Fascism" (MIT Press, 2022)

January 30, 2024

Mussolini's Nature

Marco Armiero, Roberta Biasillo, and Wilko Graf Von Hardenberg
Hosted by Ari Barbalat

In this first environmental history of Italian fascism, Marco Armiero, Roberta Biasillo, and Wilko Graf von Hardenberg reveal that nature and fascist …

Lee McIntyre, "On Disinformation: How to Fight for Truth and Protect Democracy" (MIT Press, 2023)

January 27, 2024

On Disinformation

Lee McIntyre
Hosted by Emanuel Stoakes

The effort to destroy facts and make America ungovernable didn't come out of nowhere. It is the culmination of seventy years of strategic denialism. I…

David B. Nieborg and Maxwell Foxman, "Mainstreaming and Game Journalism" (MIT Press, 2023)

January 15, 2024

Mainstreaming and Game Journalism

David B. Nieborg and Maxwell Foxman

Why games are still niche and not mainstream, and how journalism can help them gain cultural credibility. Mainstreaming and Game Journalism (MIT Pres…

Lee McIntyre, "The Scientific Attitude: Defending Science from Denial, Fraud, and Pseudoscience" (MIT Press, 2019)

January 2, 2024

The Scientific Attitude

Lee McIntyre
Hosted by Jonathan Haber

What can explain the success of science as an endeavor for getting closer to truth? Does science simply represent a successful methodology, or is it s…

Vincent Ialenti, "Deep Time Reckoning: How Future Thinking Can Help Earth Now" (MIT Press, 2020)

December 19, 2023

Deep Time Reckoning

Vincent Ialenti
Hosted by Sarah Newman

Based on twelve years of anthropological exploration, Vincent Ialenti's Deep Time Reckoning: How Future Thinking Can Help Earth Now (MIT Press, 2020) …

Nettrice R. Gaskins, "Techno-Vernacular Creativity and Innovation: Culturally Relevant Making Inside and Outside of the Classroom" (MIT Press, 2021)

December 13, 2023

Techno-Vernacular Creativity and Innovation

Nettrice R. Gaskins
Hosted by Liliana Gil

Today I talked to Nettrice R. Gaskins about Techno-Vernacular Creativity and Innovation: Culturally Relevant Making Inside and Outside of the Classroo…

Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, "Diversity Dividend" (MIT Press, 2023)

December 1, 2023

Diversity Dividend

Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio
Hosted by Deidre Tyler

From entry-level to the boardroom, what works to create large-scale change in organizations looking to accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusi…

Dirk Van Laak, "Lifelines of Our Society: A Global History of Infrastructure" (MIT Press, 2023)

November 26, 2023

Lifelines of Our Society

Dirk Van Laak
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Infrastructure is essential to defining how the public functions, yet there is little public knowledge regarding why and how it became today's stronge…

Kat Mustatea, "Voidopolis" (MIT Press, 2023)

November 25, 2023


Kat Mustatea
Hosted by Nathan Moore

Shortlisted for the 2023 Lumen Prize, Kat Mustatea's Voidopolis (MIT Press, 2023) is a hybrid digital artistic and literary project in the form of an …

Proto-Science Fiction Classics: Joshua Glenn on MIT Press's "Radium Age Series"

November 18, 2023

Proto-Science Fiction Classics

Joshua Glenn
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Under the direction of founding editor Joshua Glenn, the MIT Press’s Radium Age series is reissuing notable proto–science fiction stories from the und…

Gabriella Giannachi, "Archive Everything: Mapping the Everyday" (MIT Press, 2016)

November 18, 2023

Archive Everything

Gabriella Giannachi
Hosted by Jen Hoyer

In Archive Everything: Mapping the Everyday (MIT Press, 2016; paperback edition, 2023), Gabriella Giannachi traces the evolution of the archive into t…

Stephanie K. Kim, "Constructing Student Mobility: How Universities Recruit Students and Shape Pathways between Berkeley and Seoul" (MIT Press, 2023)

November 12, 2023

Constructing Student Mobility

Stephanie K. Kim
Hosted by Leslie Hickman

Constructing Student Mobility: How Universities Recruit Students and Shape Pathways between Berkeley and Seoul (MIT Press, 2023) challenges the popul…

Chad Randl and D. Medina Lasansky, "Playing Place: Board Games, Popular Culture, Space" (MIT Press, 2023)

November 9, 2023

Playing Place

Chad Randl and D. Medina Lasansky

An essay collection exploring the board game's relationship to the built environment, revealing the unexpected ways that play reflects perceptions of …

Wendy H. Wong, "We, the Data: Human Rights in the Digital Age" (MIT Press, 2023)

November 2, 2023

We, the Data

Wendy H. Wong
Hosted by Lamis Abdelaaty

Our data-intensive world is here to stay, but does that come at the cost of our humanity in terms of autonomy, community, dignity, and equality? In We…

Diana Kamin, "Picture-Work: How Libraries, Museums, and Stock Agencies Launched a New Image Economy" (MIT Press, 2023)

October 25, 2023


Diana Kamin
Hosted by Hallel Yadin

How the image collection, organized and made available for public consumption, came to define a key feature of contemporary visual culture. The origin…

Sonja K. Pieck, "Mnemonic Ecologies: Memory and Nature Conservation along the Former Iron Curtain" (MIT Press, 2023)

October 22, 2023

Mnemonic Ecologies

Sonja K. Pieck
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

The first book-length scholarly treatment of Germany's largest conservation project, the Green Belt, Mnemonic Ecologies: Memory and Nature Conservatio…

Kendra Coulter, "Defending Animals: Finding Hope on the Front Lines of Animal Protection" (MIT Press, 2023)

October 8, 2023

Defending Animals

Kendra Coulter
Hosted by Kyle Johannsen

Beloved dogs and cats. Magnificent horses and mountain gorillas. Curious chickens. What do we actually do to protect animals from harm—and is it enoug…