About Rachel Pafe

I am a writer and researcher interested in modern German-Jewish thought between fiction and philosophy and interdisciplinary theories of mourning, doing my PhD at Goethe University of Frankfurt. Much of my work is based on collaboration across disciplines, including reading groups and publication projects with artists, religious historians, philosophers, and game designers. My academic research particularly deals with post-war female thinkers examining phenomena of extreme violence between autobiographical fiction and philosophy, including Hannah Arendt, Susan Taubes, Margarete Susman, and Gillian Rose. I write widely and para-academically, ranging from book reviews and criticism to more playful prose, fiction, and comics. For NBN's Biography channel, I focus on both experimental play with the biography genre and challenging and unusual lives.

Rachel Pafe is a writer and researcher interested in modern Jewish thought, critical theories of mourning, and the boundaries of biographical writing.

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NBN Episodes hosted by Rachel:

Iris Moon, "Melancholy Wedgwood" (MIT Press, 2024)

May 26, 2024

Melancholy Wedgwood

Iris Moon
Hosted by Rachel Pafe

Melancholy Wedgwood (MIT Press, 2024) is an experimental biography of the ceramics entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood that reveals the tenuous relationship …

Hilary White, "Holes" (MA Bibliotheque, 2024)

May 10, 2024


Hilary White
Hosted by Rachel Pafe

Holes splices forms of fiction and nonfiction. The narrator, a researcher of limits at an unidentified university, figures her entanglement with an un…