NBN Book of the Day

NBN Book of the Day


One book selected daily from those published on the New Books Network.

Carl Öhman, "The Afterlife of Data: What Happens to Your Information When You Die and Why You Should Care" (U Chicago Press, 2024)

July 14, 2024

The Afterlife of Data

Carl Öhman
Hosted by Jake Chanenson

A short, thought-provoking book about what happens to our online identities after we die. These days, so much of our lives takes place online—but w…

Mark L. Haas, "Frenemies: When Ideological Enemies Ally" (Cornell UP, 2022)

July 13, 2024


Mark L. Haas

Alliances among ideological enemies confronting a common foe, or "frenemy" alliances, are unlike coalitions among ideologically-similar states facing …

Heidi Honeycutt, "I Spit on Your Celluloid: The History of Women Directing Horror Movies" (Headpress, 2024)

July 12, 2024

I Spit on Your Celluloid

Heidi Honeycutt
Hosted by Rebekah Buchanan

I Spit On Your Celluloid: The History of Women Directing Horror Movies (Headpress, 2024) by Heidi Honeycutt is the first book-length history of female…

Maya Pagni Barak, "The Slow Violence of Immigration Court: Procedural Justice on Trial" (NYU Press, 2023)

July 11, 2024

The Slow Violence of Immigration Court

Maya Pagni Barak
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Each year, hundreds of thousands of migrants are moved through immigration court. With a national backlog surpassing one million cases, court hearings…

Shannon Vallor, "The AI Mirror: How to Reclaim Our Humanity in an Age of Machine Thinking" (Oxford UP, 2024)

July 10, 2024

The AI Mirror

Shannon Vallor
Hosted by Carrie Figdor

There's a lot of talk these days about the existential risk that artificial intelligence poses to humanity -- that somehow the AIs will rise up and de…

Neil J. Young, "Coming Out Republican: A History of the Gay Right" (U Chicago Press, 2024)

July 9, 2024

Coming Out Republican

Neil J. Young
Hosted by Lilly Goren

Coming Out Republican: A History of the Gay Right (U Chicago Press, 2024) is a fascinating and engaging historical tour of those who were gay and acti…

Miranda Melcher, "Securing Peace in Angola and Mozambique: The Importance of Specificity in Peace Treaties" (Bloomsbury, 2024)

July 8, 2024

Securing Peace in Angola and Mozambique

Miranda Melcher
Hosted by Margot Tudor

Explaining how and why there are such diverging outcomes of UN peace negotiations and treaties, this book offers a detailed examination of peace proce…

Jonathan Judaken, "Critical Theories of Anti-Semitism" (Columbia UP, 2024)

July 7, 2024

Critical Theories of Anti-Semitism

Jonathan Judaken
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Despite its persistence and viciousness, anti-Semitism remains undertheorized in comparison with other forms of racism and discrimination. How should …

Dmitri Alperovitch, "World on the Brink: How America Can Beat China in the Race for the 21st Century" (PublicAffairs, 2024)

July 6, 2024

World on the Brink

Dmitri Alperovitch with Garrett M. Graff
Hosted by Anthony Kao

In his book World on the Brink: How America Can Beat China in the Race for the 21st Century (PublicAffairs, 2024), Dmitri Alperovitch (with Garrett M.…

Tara Ward, "Appreciation Post: Towards an Art History of Instagram" (U California Press, 2024)

July 5, 2024

Appreciation Post

Tara Ward
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

What does an art history of Instagram look like? Appreciation Post: Towards an Art History of Instagram (University of California Press, 2024) by Dr. …

Eve Herold, "Robots and the People Who Love Them: Holding on to Our Humanity in an Age of Social Robots" (St. Martin's Press, 2024)

July 4, 2024

Robots and the People Who Love Them

Eve Herold
Hosted by Caleb Zakarin

The latest developments in robotics and artificial intelligence and a preview of the coming decades, based on research and interviews with the world's…

Daniel Susskind, "Growth: A History and a Reckoning" (Harvard UP, 2024)

July 3, 2024


Daniel Susskind
Hosted by Meghan Cochran

Daniel Susskind examines the brief and powerful history of economic growth and puts it into perspective with human prosperity in Growth: A History and…

Jason Hannan, "Trolling Ourselves to Death: Democracy in the Age of Social Media" (Oxford UP, 2023)

July 2, 2024

Trolling Ourselves to Death

Jason Hannan
Hosted by Michael LaMagna

We commonly think of trolls as anonymous online pranksters who hide behind clever avatars and screen names. In Trolling Ourselves to Death: Democracy …

Adam Phillips, "On Giving Up" (FSG, 2024)

July 1, 2024

On Giving Up

Adam Phillips
Hosted by Helena Vissing

To give up or not to give up? The question can feel inescapable but the answer is never simple. Giving up our supposed vices is one thing; giving up …

Michael Sonenscher, "Capitalism: The Story Behind the Word" (Princeton UP, 2022)

June 30, 2024


Michael Sonenscher

What exactly is capitalism? How has the meaning of capitalism changed over time? And what’s at stake in our understanding or misunderstanding of it? I…

Michelle Gordon and Rachel O ́Sullivan, "Colonial Paradigms of Violence: Comparative Analysis of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Killing" (Wallstein, 2022)

June 29, 2024

Colonial Paradigms of Violence

Michelle Gordon and Rachel O ́Sullivan
Hosted by Kelly McFall

In recent years, scholars have rediscovered Hannah Arendt`s "boomerang thesis" – the "coming home" of European colonialism as genocide on European soi…

Erin Lin, "When the Bombs Stopped: The Legacy of War in Rural Cambodia" (Princeton UP, 2024)

June 28, 2024

When the Bombs Stopped

Erin Lin

Over the course of the Vietnam War, the United States dropped 500,000 tons of bombs over Cambodia—more than the combined weight of every man, woman, a…

Jeremy Schipper, "Denmark Vesey's Bible: The Thwarted Revolt That Put Slavery and Scripture on Trial" (Princeton UP, 2022)

June 27, 2024

Denmark Vesey's Bible

Jeremy Schipper
Hosted by Meghan Cochran

In Denmark Vesey's Bible: The Thwarted Revolt that Put Slavery and Scripture on Trial (Princeton UP, 2022), Dr. Jeremy Schipper tells the story of a f…

John Thomas Maier, "The Disabled Will: A Theory of Addiction" (Routledge, 2024)

June 26, 2024

The Disabled Will

John Thomas Maier
Hosted by Jeff Adler

John T. Maier's The Disabled Will: A Theory of Addiction (Routledge Press, 2024) defends a comprehensive new vision of what addiction is and how peopl…

Donald Stoker, "Purpose and Power: US Grand Strategy from the Revolutionary Era to the Present" (Cambridge UP, 2024)

June 25, 2024

Purpose and Power

Donald Stoker
Hosted by Andrew Pace

In our interview, I spoke with Donald Stoker about the changes in American grand strategy over the past 250 years and the major themes from his new …