In Conversation: An OUP Podcast

In Conversation: An OUP Podcast


Interviews with authors of Oxford University Press books.

Miriam Piilonen, "Theorizing Music Evolution: Darwin, Spencer, and the Limits of the Human" (Oxford UP, 2024)

April 15, 2024

Theorizing Music Evolution

Miriam Piilonen
Hosted by Nathan Smith

What did historical evolutionists such as Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer have to say about music? What role did music play in their evolutionary t…

Seamus O'Malley, "Irish Culture and 'The People': Populism and Its Discontents" (Oxford UP, 2022)

April 11, 2024

Irish Culture and 'The People'

Seamus O'Malley
Hosted by Aidan Beatty

Seamus O’Malley is an associate professor at Yeshiva University. His first book was Making History New: Modernism and Historical Narrative (Oxford Uni…

Matthew Robertson, "Puruṣa: Personhood in Ancient India" (Oxford UP, 2024)

April 9, 2024


Matthew I. Robertson
Hosted by Malcolm Keating

The concept of the puruṣa, or person, is implicated in a wide range of ancient texts throughout the Indian subcontinent. In Puruṣa: Personhood in Anci…

Xiaofei Kang, "Enchanted Revolution: Ghosts, Shamans, and Gender Politics in Chinese Communist Propaganda, 1942-1953" (Oxford UP, 2023)

April 9, 2024

Enchanted Revolution

Xiaofei Kang
Hosted by Yadong Li

China’s communist revolution has an intricate relationship with gender and religion. In Enchanted Revolution: Ghosts, Shamans, and Gender Politics in …

Anthony Kaldellis, "The New Roman Empire: A History of Byzantium" (Oxford UP, 2024)

April 7, 2024

The New Roman Empire

Anthony Kaldellis
Hosted by Evan Zarkadas

In recent decades, the study of the Eastern Roman Empire, also known as Byzantium, has been revolutionized by new approaches and more sophisticated mo…

Louis Howard Porter, "Reds in Blue: UNESCO, World Governance, and the Soviet Internationalist Imagination" (Oxford UP, 2023)

April 4, 2024

Reds in Blue

Louis Howard Porter
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Before Josef Stalin's death in 1953, the USSR had, at best, an ambivalent relationship with noncommunist international organisations. Although it had …

Richard Beaudoin, "Sounds As They Are: The unwritten music in classical recordings" (Oxford UP, 2024)

April 2, 2024

Sounds As They Are

Richard Beaudoin
Hosted by Nathan Smith

In a recording, what sounds count as music? Sounds made by a musician's body--including inhales, finger taps, and grunts--have for decades been dismis…

Rina Verma Williams, "Marginalized, Mobilized, Incorporated: Women and Religious Nationalism in Indian Democracy" (Oxford UP, 2023)

April 2, 2024

Marginalized, Mobilized, Incorporated

Rina Verma Williams
Hosted by Yash Sharma

How has the participation of women in Hindu nationalist politics in India changed over time? More broadly, what has their changing participation meant…

Katie Barclay, "Caritas: Neighbourly Love and the Early Modern Self" (Oxford UP, 2021)

April 1, 2024


Katie Barclay
Hosted by Shu Wan

Caritas, a form of grace that turned our love for our neighbour into a spiritual practice, was expected of all early modern Christians, and correspond…

Huaping Lu-Adler, "Kant, Race, and Racism: Views from Somewhere" (Oxford UP, 2023)

March 31, 2024

Kant, Race, and Racism

Huaping Lu-Adler

Kant scholars have paid relatively little attention to his raciology. They assume that his racism, as personal prejudice, can be disentangled from his…

Citizenship Across Time and Space with David Jacobson

March 28, 2024

Citizenship Across Time and Space with David Jacobson

David Jacobson

In this episode of International Horizons, RBI director John Torpey discusses the past and future of citizenship with David Jacobson, Professor of Soc…

Robin Waterfield, "Plato of Athens: A Life in Philosophy" (Oxford UP, 2023)

March 28, 2024

Plato of Athens

Robin Waterfield

The first ever biography of the founder of Western philosophy Considered by many to be the most important philosopher ever, Plato was born into a well…

Party People: Candidates and Party Evolution: A Discussion with Allan Sikk and Philipp Köker

March 27, 2024

Party People: Candidates and Party Evolution

Allan Sikk and Philipp Köker
Hosted by Tim Haughton

Contemporary politics is characterized by the rise (and fall) of many new parties. But what tools do political scientists have to map and measure elec…

Anita R. Gohdes, "Repression in the Digital Age: Surveillance, Censorship, and the Dynamics of State Violence" (Oxford UP, 2023)

March 26, 2024

Repression in the Digital Age

Anita R. Gohdes
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Global adoption of the Internet has exploded, yet we are only beginning to understand the Internet's profound political consequences. Authoritarian st…

William Bain, "Political Theology of International Order" (Oxford UP, 2020)

March 26, 2024

Political Theology of International Order

William Bain

Is contemporary international order truly a secular arrangement? Theorists of international relations typically adhere to a narrative that portrays th…

Cristina Rocha, "Cool Christianity: Hillsong and the Fashioning of Cosmopolitan Identities" (Oxford UP, 2024)

March 24, 2024

Cool Christianity

Cristina Rocha
Hosted by Jeff Adler

When did Christianity become cool? How did an Australian church conquer the world and expand into Brazil, a country with its own crop of powerful mega…

Patryk I. Labuda, "International Criminal Tribunals and Domestic Accountability" (Oxford UP, 2023)

March 22, 2024

International Criminal Tribunals and Domestic Accountability

Patryk I. Labuda
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

In the 1990s, the promise of justice for atrocity crimes was associated with the revival of international criminal tribunals (ICTs). More recently, ho…

Radha Kapuria, "Music in Colonial Punjab" (Oxford UP, 2023)

March 21, 2024

Music in Colonial Punjab

Radha Kapuria
Hosted by Khadeeja Amenda

Music in Colonial Punjab (Oxford UP, 2023) offers the first social history of music in undivided Punjab (1800-1947), beginning at the Lahore court of …

Eileen Kane et al., "Russian-Arab Worlds: A Documentary History" (Oxford UP, 2023)

March 20, 2024

Russian-Arab Worlds

Eileen Kane, Masha Kirasirova, and Margaret Litvin
Hosted by Tugrul Mende

The roots of the Arab world’s current Russian entanglements reach deep into the tsarist and Soviet periods. To explore those entanglements, Russian-Ar…

Rachel Gordan, "Postwar Stories: How Books Made Judaism American" (Oxford UP, 2024)

March 18, 2024

Postwar Stories

Rachel Gordan
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

The period immediately following World War II was an era of dramatic transformation for Jews in America. At the start of the 1940s, President Roosevel…