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Indian Religions


Interviews with scholars of Indian religions about their new books.

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Carl Ernst and Patrick D'Silva, "Breathtaking Revelations: The Science of Breath from 'The Fifty Kamarupa Verses' to Hazrat Inayat Khan" (Suluk Press, 2024)

June 14, 2024

Breathtaking Revelations

Carl Ernst and Patrick D'Silva
Hosted by Shobhana Xavier

In Breathtaking Revelations: The Science of Breath from the Fifty Kamarupa Verses to Hazrat Inayat Khan (Suluk Press, 2024), Carl W. Ernst and Patrick…

Matthew Robertson, "Puruṣa: Personhood in Ancient India" (Oxford UP, 2024)

June 13, 2024


Matthew I. Robertson
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

Personhood is central to the worldview of ancient India. Across voluminous texts and diverse traditions, the subject of the puruṣa, the Sanskrit term …

The European Association for South Asian Studies

June 12, 2024

The European Association for South Asian Studies

Ute Hüsken
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

Ute Hüsken discusses the European Association for South Asian Studies and its upcoming conference in Heidelberg, Germany in October 2025. This confe…

The Enlightenment of the Body, with Naomi Worth

June 9, 2024

The Enlightenment of the Body

Naomi Worth
Hosted by Pierce Salguero

In this episode, Dr Pierce Salguero sits down with Naomi Worth, a scholar and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism’s postural yoga tradition. We dive into…

Marcus Schmücker, "Visnu-Narayana: Changing Forms and the Becoming of a Deity in Indian Religious Traditions" (Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 2023)

June 6, 2024


Marcus Schmücker
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

The contributions to Visnu-Narayana: Changing Forms and the Becoming of a Deity in Indian Religious Traditions (Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 20…

Sohini Pillai, "Krishna's Mahabharatas: Devotional Retellings of an Epic Narrative" (Oxford UP, 2024)

May 30, 2024

Krishna's Mahabharatas

Sohini Pillai
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

Between 800 and 1700 CE, a plethora of Mahabharatas were created in Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, T…

Bernardo Kastrup, "Analytic Idealism in a Nutshell: A Straightforward Summary of the 21st Century's Only Plausible Metaphysics" (Iff Books, 2024)

May 24, 2024

Analytic Idealism in a Nutshell

Bernardo Kastrup
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

Is reality more than the material? Raj Balkaran holds a fascinating interview with philosopher Bernardo Kastrup on this topic. At the vanguard of the …

Stephen Phillips, "The Metaphysics of Meditation: Sri Aurobindo and Adi-Sakara on the Isa Upanisad" (Bloombury, 2024)

May 23, 2024

The Metaphysics of Meditation

Stephen Phillips
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

In The Metaphysics of Meditation: Sri Aurobindo and Adi-Sakara on the Isa Upanisad (Bloombury, 2024), Stephen Phillips focuses on one of the most impo…

Anusha Rao and Suhas Mahesh, "How to Love in Sanskrit" (HarperCollins, 2024)

May 16, 2024

How to Love in Sanskrit

Anusha Rao and Suhas Mahesh
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

How to Love in Sanskrit (HarperCollins, 2024) is an invitation to Sanskrit love poetry, bringing together verses and short prose pieces by celebrated …

Karen Pechilis et al. ed., "Devotional Visualities: Seeing Bhakti in Indic Material Cultures" (Bloomsbury, 2023)

May 9, 2024

Devotional Visualities

Karen Pechilis, Amy-Ruth Holt et al. ed.
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

Devotional Visualities: Seeing Bhakti in Indic Material Cultures (Bloomsbury, 2023) is the first to focus on material visualities of bhakti imagery th…

Richard M. Jaffe, "Seeking Sakyamuni: South Asia in the Formation of Modern Japanese Buddhism" (U Chicago Press, 2019)

May 5, 2024

Seeking Sakyamuni

Richard M. Jaffe
Hosted by Samee Siddiqui

Though fascinated with the land of their tradition’s birth, virtually no Japanese Buddhists visited the Indian subcontinent before the nineteenth cent…

Nancy M. Martin, "Mirabai: The Making of a Saint" (Oxford UP, 2023)

May 2, 2024


Nancy M. Martin
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

Mirabai, an iconic sixteenth-century Indian poet-saint, is renowned for her unwavering love of God, her disregard for social hierarchies and gendered …

Kenneth R. Valpey, "Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)

April 30, 2024

Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics

Kenneth R. Valpey
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

What does cow care in India have to offer modern Western discourse animal ethics? Why are cows treated with such reverence in the Indian context? Join…

Jason Birch, "The Amaraugha and Amaraughaprabodha of Goraksanatha" (Institut Francais de Pondichery, 2024)

April 29, 2024

The Amaraugha and Amaraughaprabodha of Goraksanatha

Jason Birch
Hosted by Kshitij Jain

The Lineage of Immortals (Sanskrit Amaraugha) is the earliest account of a fourfold system of yoga in which a physical practice called Haṭha is taught…

Purushottama Bilimoria et al., "Contemplative Studies and Jainism: Meditation, Prayer, and Veneration" (Routledge, 2023)

April 25, 2024

Contemplative Studies and Jainism

Purushottama Bilimoria, Cogen Bohanec, and Rita D. Sherma
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

Contemplative Studies and Jainism: Meditation, Prayer, and Veneration (Routledge, 2023) is one of the first wide-ranging academic surveys of the maj…

Robert P. Goldman and Sally J. Sutherland Goldman, "The Rāmāyaṇa of Vālmīki: The Complete English Translation" (Princeton UP, 2022)

April 18, 2024

The Rāmāyaṇa of Vālmīki

Robert P. Goldman and Sally J. Sutherland Goldman
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

The Rāmāyaṇa of Vālmīki, the monumental Sanskrit epic of the life of Rama, ideal man and incarnation of the great god Visnu, has profoundly affected t…

Sanskrit Study: A Conversation with Antonia Ruppel

April 12, 2024

Sanskrit Study

Antonia Ruppel
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

A candid conversation with renowned Sanskritist and online teacher Antonia Ruppel on her love of the language, teaching philosophy, views on academia,…

Peter Scharf, "Ramopakhyana - the Story of Rama in the Mahabharata" (The Sanskrit Library, 2023)

April 11, 2024

Ramopakhyana: The Story of Rama in the Mahabharata

Peter Scharf
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

Consisting of about 25,000 verses in Valmiki's Rāmāyaṇa, the story of Rāma was summarized in 704 verses in eighteen chapters in the Rāmopākhyāna, whic…

Tantra: A New Understanding

April 10, 2024

Tantra: A New Understanding

Gavin Flood
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

Professor Gavin Flood of Oxford University discusses new insights on tantra to be released in an upcoming publication stemming from his Continuing Stu…

Translating a Śrī Vidyā Text: The Cidvilāsastava of Amṛtānanda

April 5, 2024

Translating a Śrī Vidyā Text

Brian Campbell
Hosted by Raj Balkaran

The Cidvilāsastava of Amṛtānanda (fl. c. 1325-1375) one of the most comprehensive treatments of the esoteric contemplation of ritual found within the …