UNC Press Presents Podcast

UNC Press Presents Podcast


Interviews with authors of University of North Carolina Press books.

Mónica A. Jiménez, "Making Never-Never Land: Race and Law in the Creation of Puerto Rico" (UNC Press, 2024)

July 14, 2024

Making Never-Never Land

Mónica A. Jiménez
Hosted by Jonathan Cortez

Myths about the powers held by the United States are often supported by the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, which derives its logic from the interp…

John Soluri, "Creatures of Fashion: Animals, Global Markets, and the Transformation of Patagonia" (UNC Press, 2024)

July 3, 2024

Creatures of Fashion

John Soluri
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Today, the mention of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego conjures images of idyllic landscapes untouched by globalisation. Creatures of Fashion: Animals, …

Felicia Arriaga, "Behind Crimmigration: ICE, Law Enforcement, and Resistance in America" (UNC Press, 2023)

June 30, 2024

Behind Crimmigration

Felicia Arriaga
Hosted by Shu Wan

In recent years, dozens of counties in North Carolina have partnered with federal law enforcement in the criminalization of immigration--what many hav…

American Muslim Women on Campus

June 26, 2024

American Muslim Women on Campus

Shabana Mir
Hosted by Radio Reorient

A conversation with award-winning academic Dr. Shabana Mir discussing her book Muslim American Women on Campus: Undergraduate Social Life and Identity…

Lauren Lassabe Shepherd, "Resistance from the Right: Conservatives and the Campus Wars in Modern America" (UNC Press, 2023)

June 15, 2024

Resistance from the Right

Lauren Lassabe Shepherd

Pivoting from studies that emphasize the dominance of progressivism on American college campuses during the late sixties and early seventies, Lauren L…

Omar Valerio-Jiménez, "Remembering Conquest: Mexican Americans, Memory, and Citizenship" (UNC Press, 2024)

May 22, 2024

Remembering Conquest

Omar Valerio-Jiménez

Omar Valerio-Jiménez's book Remembering Conquest: Mexican Americans, Memory, and Citizenship (UNC Press, 2024) analyzes the ways collective memories o…

Maria Cristina Garcia, "State of Disaster: The Failure of U. S. Migration Policy in an Age of Climate Change" (UNC Press, 2022)

May 12, 2024

State of Disaster

Maria Cristina Garcia
Hosted by Katie Coldiron

Natural disasters and the dire effects of climate change cause massive population displacements and lead to some of the most intractable political and…

Eziaku Atuama Nwokocha, "Vodou en Vogue: Fashioning Black Divinities in Haiti and the United States" (UNC Press, 2023)

May 7, 2024

Vodou en Vogue

Eziaku Atuama Nwokocha
Hosted by Reighan Gillam

In Haitian Vodou, spirits impact Black practitioners' everyday lives, tightly connecting the sacred and the secular. As Eziaku Atuama Nwokocha reveals…

Mateo Jarquín, "The Sandinista Revolution: A Global Latin American History" (UNC Press, 2024)

May 4, 2024

The Sandinista Revolution

Mateo Jarquín
Hosted by Katie Coldiron

The Sandinista Revolution and its victory against the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua gripped the United States and the world in the 1980s. But as so…

R. J. Boutelle, "The Race for America: Black Internationalism in the Age of Manifest Destiny" (UNC Press, 2023)

April 13, 2024

The Race for America

R. J. Boutelle

As Manifest Destiny took hold in the national consciousness, what did it mean for African Americans who were excluded from its ambitions for an expand…

Shardé M. Davis, "Being Black in the Ivory: Truth-Telling about Racism in Higher Education" (UNC Press, 2024)

April 9, 2024

Being Black in the Ivory

Shardé M. Davis
Hosted by Deidre Tyler

When Sharde M. Davis turned to social media during the summer of racial reckoning in 2020, she meant only to share how racism against Black people aff…

Joseph M. Thompson, "Cold War Country: How Nashville's Music Row and the Pentagon Created the Sound of American Patriotism" (UNC Press, 2024)

April 6, 2024

Cold War Country

Joseph M. Thompson
Hosted by Katie Coldiron

Country music maintains a special, decades-long relationship to American military life, but these ties didn't just happen. This readable history revea…

Marc Masters, "High Bias: The Distorted History of the Cassette Tape" (UNC Press, 2023)

April 3, 2024

High Bias

Marc Masters
Hosted by Bradley Morgan

The cassette tape was revolutionary. Cheap, portable, and reusable, this small plastic rectangle changed music history. Make your own tapes! Trade the…

Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt, "Boardinghouse Women: How Southern Keepers, Cooks, Nurses, Widows, and Runaways Shaped Modern America" (UNC Press, 2023)

March 31, 2024

Boardinghouse Women

Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt
Hosted by Kelly Spivey

In Boardinghouse Women: How Southern Keepers, Cooks, Nurses, Widows, and Runaways Shaped Modern America (UNC Press, 2023), Elizabeth Engelhardt argues…

John William Nelson, "Muddy Ground: Native Peoples, Chicago's Portage, and the Transformation of a Continent" (UNC Press, 2023)

March 23, 2024

Muddy Ground

John William Nelson
Hosted by Stephen Hausmann

The birchbark canoe is among the most remarkable Indigenous technologies in North America, facilitating mobility throughout the watery world of the Gr…

Andrew J. Kirkendall, "Hemispheric Alliances: Liberal Democrats and Cold War Latin America" (UNC Press, 2022)

March 16, 2024

Hemispheric Alliances

Andrew J. Kirkendall
Hosted by Ethan Fredrick

Hemispheric foreign policy has waxed and waned since the Mexican War, and the Cold War presented both extraordinary promises and dangerous threats to …

Whitney Nell Stewart, "This Is Our Home: Slavery and Struggle on Southern Plantations" (UNC Press, 2023)

March 15, 2024

This Is Our Home

Whitney Nell Stewart
Hosted by Katrina Anderson

The cultural memory of plantations in the Old South has long been clouded by myth. A recent reckoning with the centrality of slavery to the US nationa…

Carly Goodman, "Dreamland: America's Immigration Lottery in an Age of Restriction" (UNC Press, 2023)

February 29, 2024


Carly Goodman

In a world of border walls and obstacles to migration, a lottery where winners can gain permanent residency in the United States sounds too good to be…

Ariel Mae Lambe, "No Barrier Can Contain It: Cuban Antifascism and the Spanish Civil War" (UNC Press, 2019)

February 25, 2024

No Barrier Can Contain It

Ariel Mae Lambe
Hosted by Rachel Newman

Ariel Mae Lambe’s new book No Barrier Can Contain It: Cuban Antifascism and the Spanish Civil War (University of North Carolina Press, 2019) is a hist…

Max Felker-Kantor, "DARE to Say No: Policing and the War on Drugs in Schools" (UNC Press, 2023)

February 17, 2024

DARE to Say No

Max Felker-Kantor
Hosted by Jeffrey Lamson

With its signature "DARE to keep kids off drugs" slogan and iconic t-shirts, DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) was the most popular drug educatio…