The University Press of Kentucky Podcast

The University Press of Kentucky Podcast


Interviews with authors of the University Press of Kentucky books.

Chris Yogerst, "The Warner Brothers" (UP of Kentucky, 2023)

September 8, 2023

The Warner Brothers

Chris Yogerst
Hosted by Joel Tscherne

One of the oldest and most recognizable studios in Hollywood, Warner Bros. is considered a juggernaut of the entertainment industry. Since its formati…

Sarah L. Hall, "Sown in the Stars: Planting by the Signs" (UP of Kentucky, 2023)

July 3, 2023

Sown in the Stars

Sarah L. Hall
Hosted by Candy Boatwright

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to p…

Christina Rice, "Mean...Moody...Magnificent!: Jane Russell and the Marketing of a Hollywood Legend" (UP of Kentucky, 2021)

March 28, 2023


Christina Rice

By the early 1950s, Jane Russell (1921–2011) should have been forgotten. Her career was launched on what is arguably the most notorious advertising ca…

Rebecca Gayle Howell et al., "What Things Cost: An Anthology for the People" (UP of Kentucky, 2023)

March 2, 2023

What Things Cost

Rebecca Gayle Howell, Ashley M Jones, and Emily J Jalloul
Hosted by Stephen Pimpare

What Things Cost: An Anthology for the People (UP of Kentucky, 2023) is the first major anthology of labor writing in nearly a century. Here, editors …

Emily Strasser, "Half-Life of a Secret: Reckoning with a Hidden History" (UP of Kentucky, 2023)

February 5, 2023

Half-Life of a Secret

Emily Strasser
Hosted by Cody Skahan

In 1942, the US government began construction on a sixty-thousand-acre planned community named Oak Ridge in a rural area west of Knoxville, Tennessee.…

Eve Golden, "Jayne Mansfield: The Girl Couldn't Help It" (UP of Kentucky, 2021)

December 25, 2022

Jayne Mansfield

Eve Golden

Jayne Mansfield (1933-1967) was driven not just to be an actress but to be a star. One of the most influential sex symbols of her time, she was known …

Burt Kearns, "Lawrence Tierney: Hollywood's Real-Life Tough Guy" (UP of Kentucky, 2022)

November 23, 2022

Lawrence Tierney

Burt Kearns
Hosted by Rebekah Buchanan

In his latest book, Lawrence Tierney: Hollywood's Real-Life Tough Guy (The University of Kentucky Press, 2022) Burt Kearns explores the life of actor …

Alan Shuback, "Hollywood at the Races: Film's Love Affair with the Turf" (UP of Kentucky, 2019)

November 15, 2022

Hollywood at the Races

Alan Shuback
Hosted by Rachel Pagones

Today I talked to Alan Shuback about his book Hollywood at the Races: Film's Love Affair with the Turf (UP of Kentucky, 2019) A love of the slapstick…

Larry Ceplair, "The Hollywood Motion Picture Blacklist: Seventy-Five Years Later" (UP of Kentucky, 2022)

October 26, 2022

The Hollywood Motion Picture Blacklist

Larry Ceplair
Hosted by Zalman Newfield

Seventy-five years ago, the Hollywood blacklist ruined lives, stifled creativity, and sent waves of proscription and censorship throughout United Stat…

Mallory Lewis and Nat Segaloff, "Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop: The Team That Changed Children's TV" (UP of Kentucky, 2022)

October 26, 2022

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop

Mallory Lewis and Nat Segaloff
Hosted by Rebekah Buchanan

Two decades after Lewis and Lamb Chop last graced television with their presence, Lewis' daughter Mallory and author Nat Segaloff have set the record …

Jon Krampner, "Ernest Lehman: The Sweet Smell of Success" (UP of Kentucky, 2022)

September 21, 2022

Ernest Lehman

Jon Krampner
Hosted by Daniel Moran

A Hollywood screenwriting and movie-making icon, Ernest Lehman penned some of the most memorable scenes to ever grace the silver screen. Hailed by Van…

Rebecca Weeks, "History by HBO: Televising the American Past" (UP of Kentucky, 2022)

August 12, 2022

History by HBO

Rebecca Weeks
Hosted by Joel Tscherne

The television industry is changing, and with it, the small screen's potential to engage in debate and present valuable representations of American hi…

David D. Dworak, "War of Supply: World War II Allied Logistics in the Mediterranean" (UP of Kentucky Press, 2022)

July 21, 2022

War of Supply

David D. Dworak
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

The era of modern warfare introduced in World War II presented the Allied Powers with one of the more complicated logistical challenges of the century…

David P. Oakley, "Subordinating Intelligence: The DoD/CIA Post-Cold War Relationship" (UP of Kentucky Press, 2019)

June 14, 2022

Subordinating Intelligence

David P. Oakley
Hosted by Samuel Canter

In the late eighties and early nineties, driven by the post–Cold War environment and lessons learned during military operations, United States policy …

Bernard F. Dick, "Engulfed: The Death of Paramount Pictures and the Birth of Corporate Hollywood" (UP of Kentucky, 2021)

September 15, 2021


Bernard F. Dick
Hosted by Joel Tscherne

From Double Indemnity to The Godfather, the stories behind some of the greatest films ever made pale beside the story of the studio that made them. In…

Karen Salyer McElmurray, "Wanting Radiance" (UP of Kentucky, 2020)

June 29, 2021

Wanting Radiance

Karen Salyer McElmurray
Hosted by G. P. Gottlieb

Today I talked to Karen Salyer McElmurray about her novel Wanting Radiance (UP of Kentucky, 2020). Fifteen-year-old Miracelle Loving hears the gunsho…

Michael E. Lynch, "Edward M. Almond and the US Army: From the 92nd Infantry Division to the X Corps" (UP of Kentucky, 2019)

June 2, 2021

Edward M. Almond and the US Army

Michael E. Lynch
Hosted by Douglas Bell

Edward M. Almond belonged to the generation of US Army officers who came of age during World War I and then ascended to senior command positions durin…

Heather L. Dichter, "Soccer Diplomacy: International Relations and Football since 1914" (UP of Kentucky, 2020)

December 15, 2020

Soccer Diplomacy

Heather L. Dichter
Hosted by Keith Rathbone

Today we are joined by Heather Dichter, Associate Professor of Sports History and Sports Management at DeMontfort University and fellow at the interna…

Corey Sobel, "The Red Shirt" (UP of Kentucky, 2020)

October 5, 2020

The Red Shirt

Corey Sobel
Hosted by G. P. Gottlieb

At first, Miles Furling plays football to fit in. By eighth grade he realizes that he is both gay and a football player. After an unsuccessful attempt…

Philip Nash, "Breaking Protocol: America's First Female Ambassadors, 1933-1964" (UP of Kentucky, 2020)

September 1, 2020

Breaking Protocol

Philip Nash
Hosted by Beth Windisch

"It used to be," soon-to-be secretary of state Madeleine K. Albright said in 1996, "that the only way a woman could truly make her foreign policy view…