New and Forthcoming Book Promotion Services

As authors ourselves, we understand the pain points of trying to successfully market new scholarly titles.. The costs of PR firms, media buyers, and SEO marketers start to add up – and who knows if it’s working? You are too busy writing and should NOT be bothered with taking on the job of marketing director just to get your book some quality media coverage.

That’s why New Books Network is pleased to offer a first-of-its-kind comprehensive promotional service designed specifically for academic authors. Partnering with RLM PR - a leading PR agency with 32 years of case histories—and one that specializes in securing coverage across print, digital and broadcast media with quotes, featured segments, reviews, and magazine publications to enhance authors' visibility and promote their books.

We charge an honest, affordable price for our promotional package because our goal is simple - We want to help scholarly book authors gain widespread recognition and media coverage, amplify their expertise, and promote their publications to a wide audience. Bringing attention to your academic release, after all, is the purpose of New Books Network. 

What We’ll Do for You and Your Book:

Media Relations: Reach a wider audience of academics, professionals, students, and general readers

Our partner, RLM PR, will conduct targeted outreach to journalists, editors, bloggers, and podcast hosts covering the topics relevant to your book. The firm will draft customized press releases and pitch emails highlighting the book's unique value propositions. genre specific pitches that reach quality scholarly and news-oriented podcasts, in addition to New Books Network podcasts.

From communication and coordination with media representatives to facilitating interview scheduling and providing review copies of the book, RLM handles all facets of Media Coordination. New to interviewing? Learn RLM PR’s dynamic approach to successful interviews. 

Online Promotion: Get Boosted on New Books Network and Partner Sites 

From ad reads and front-page display ad placement to interviews on partner podcasts, NBN creates a full on targeted campaign around your title pushing the book in content adjacent podcasts we know resonate with your book’s target audience. Specifically:

-A featured NBN Interview about you and your book

-A profile of you and your book in the NBN newsletter

-Targeted audio ads on the NBN promoting your book

-Promotion on New Books Network's social media pages

Personalized Consultation: Authors work with both NBN and RLM PR to understand goals, target audience, and preferred media outlets. There is no cookie cutter formula here, each author’s promotion is customized to maximize effectiveness and impact.

Fee and Service Guarantees: Our pricing is transparent, there are no hidden fees or long-term commitments. We only accept commissions when RLM PR and NBN believe we will meet client expectations. Please note, authors must apply for services below. 

The total fee for all services is a flat $5,000.

Please fill out the form below to get started:

New Books Network and RLM PR are committed to helping scholarly book authors achieve their publicity goals and elevate their presence in the media landscape. With our combined expertise and dedication to excellence, we are confident in our ability to deliver tangible results and drive success for our clients. 

To learn more about RLM PR’s extensive publishing experience, download the firm’s deck here: RLM PR Publishing