Irish Studies

Irish Studies


Interviews with scholars of Ireland about their new books.

Philip Freeman, "Two Lives of Saint Brigid" (Four Courts Press, 2024)

April 17, 2024

Two Lives of Saint Brigid

Philip Freeman
Hosted by Crawford Gribben

St. Brigid is the earliest and best-known of the female saints of Ireland. In the generation after St. Patrick, she established a monastery for men an…

Aidan Beatty and Dan O'Brien, "Irish Questions and Jewish Questions: Crossovers in Culture" (Syracuse UP, 2018)

April 12, 2024

Irish Questions and Jewish Questions

Aidan Beatty and Dan O'Brien
Hosted by Ari Barbalat

The Irish and the Jews are two of the classic outliers of modern Europe. Both struggled with their lack of formal political sovereignty in the ninetee…

Seamus O'Malley, "Irish Culture and 'The People': Populism and Its Discontents" (Oxford UP, 2022)

April 11, 2024

Irish Culture and 'The People'

Seamus O'Malley
Hosted by Aidan Beatty

Seamus O’Malley is an associate professor at Yeshiva University. His first book was Making History New: Modernism and Historical Narrative (Oxford Uni…

Paul Bew, "Ancestral Voices in Irish Politics: Judging Dillon and Parnell" (Oxford UP, 2023)

March 22, 2024

Ancestral Voices in Irish Politics

Paul Bew
Hosted by Charles Coutinho

The story of Charles Stewart Parnell, one of the greatest Irish leaders of the nineteenth century and also one of the most renowned figures of the 188…

Anelise Hanson Shrout, "Aiding Ireland: The Great Famine and the Rise of Transnational Philanthropy" (NYU Press, 2024)

March 22, 2024

Aiding Ireland

Anelise Hanson Shrout
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Famine brought ruin to the Irish countryside in the nineteenth century. In response, people around the world and from myriad social, ethnic, and relig…

Michael O'Malley, "The Beat Cop: Chicago's Chief O'Neill and the Creation of Irish Music" (U Chicago Press, 2022)

February 3, 2024

The Beat Cop

Michael O'Malley
Hosted by Kristen Turner

Francis O’Neill (1848–1936) was a Chicago police officer and a folk music collector. Michael O’Malley connects these two seemingly unrelated activitie…

Renée Fox, "The Necromantics: Reanimation, the Historical Imagination, and Victorian British and Irish Literature" (Ohio State UP, 2023)

January 27, 2024

The Necromantics

Renée Fox
Hosted by Aidan Beatty

The Necromantics: Reanimation, the Historical Imagination, and Victorian British and Irish Literature (Ohio State UP, 2023) dwells on the literal afte…

Prophet Song: A Novel about a Totalitarian Takeover in Ireland

January 23, 2024

Prophet Song

Paul Lynch
Hosted by UConn PopCast

It’s the UConn Popcast, and today we discuss Prophet Song (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2023), Paul Lynch’s Booker Prize winning novel about a totalitarian…

Jane Ohlmeyer, "Making Empire: Ireland, Imperialism, and the Early Modern World" (Oxford UP, 2023)

January 20, 2024

Making Empire

Jane Ohlmeyer
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Empire and imperial frameworks, policies, practices, and cultures have shaped the history of the world for the last two millennia. It is nation states…

The Future of Ireland: Kevin Meagher on Why a United Ireland is Inevitable

January 17, 2024

The Future of Ireland

Kevin Meagher

In A United Ireland: Why Unification in Inevitable and How It Will Come About (Biteback Publishing, 2017), Kevin Meagher argues that a reasoned, pragm…

Patrick R. O'Malley, "The Irish and the Imagination of Race: White Supremacy Across the Atlantic in the Nineteenth Century" (U Virginia Press, 2023)

January 11, 2024

The Irish and the Imagination of Race

Patrick R. O'Malley
Hosted by Aidan Beatty

Patrick R. O'Malley's book The Irish and the Imagination of Race: White Supremacy Across the Atlantic in the Nineteenth Century (U Virginia Press, 202…

Huw Bennett, "Uncivil War: The British Army and the Troubles, 1966–1975" (Cambridge UP, 2023)

December 22, 2023

Uncivil War

Huw Bennett
Hosted by Aidan Beatty

Huw Bennett is a Reader in International Relations at Cardiff Unviersity. He specializes in strategic studies, the history of war, and intelligence s…

Gregory J. Goalwin, "Borders of Belief: Religious Nationalism and the Formation of Identity in Ireland and Turkey" (Rutgers UP, 2022)

December 7, 2023

Borders of Belief

Gregory J. Goalwin
Hosted by Keith Krueger

Despite theories to the contrary, religious nationalism, and the use of religion to determine membership in the national community, has continued to p…

Seán Creagh, "The Wolfhounds of Irish-American Nationalism: A History of Clan Na Gael, 1867-Present" (Peter Lang, 2023)

November 20, 2023

The Wolfhounds of Irish-American Nationalism

Seán Creagh
Hosted by Aidan Beatty

As Ireland's oldest revolutionary movement and America's oldest transatlantic nationalist organization this is the first book covering the entire hist…

Elizabeth DeYoung, "Power, Politics and Territory in the ‘New Northern Ireland’" (Liverpool UP, 2023)

November 11, 2023

Power, Politics and Territory in the ‘New Northern Ireland’

Elizabeth DeYoung
Hosted by Aidan Beatty

In the wake of the Good Friday Agreement, the redevelopment of the former Girdwood Army Barracks in North Belfast was hailed as a ‘symbol of hope’ for…

Seamus Heaney’s Afterlives: A Discussion with Joseph Nugent and Vera Kreilkamp

November 8, 2023

Seamus Heaney’s Afterlives

Joseph Nugent and Vera Kreilkamp
Hosted by John Yargo

In 1995, Seamus Heaney was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. During his speech, he explained that the adequacy of lyric poetry spoke to the “‘tem…

David Veevers, "The Great Defiance: How the World Took on the British Empire" (Ebury Press, 2023)

November 4, 2023

The Great Defiance

David Veevers
Hosted by Michael Vann

The story of the British Empire is a familiar one: Britain came, it saw, it conquered, forging a glorious world empire upon which the sun never set. I…

Joseph Brady and Paul Ferguson, "Dublin: Mapping the City" (Birlinn, 2023)

October 31, 2023


Joseph Brady and Paul Ferguson
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Maps are essential tools in finding our way around, but they also tell stories and are great depositories of information. Until the twentieth century …

James V. Fenelon, "Indian, Black and Irish: Indigenous Nations, African Peoples, European Invasions, 1492-1790" (Routledge, 2023)

October 28, 2023

Indian, Black and Irish

James V. Fenelon
Hosted by Aidan Beatty

In this interview James Fenelon discusses his new book entitled Indian, Black and Irish: Indigenous Nations, African Peoples, European Invasions, 1492…

Luke Moffett, "Reparations and War: Finding Balance in Repairing the Past" (Oxford UP, 2023)

October 27, 2023

Reparations and War

Luke Moffett
Hosted by Lavinia Stan

For thousands of years, reparations have been used to secure the end of war and to alleviate its deleterious consequences. While human rights law esta…