About Nikki Stevens

I had a career as a software engineer and technology leader before taking a PhD in Science and Technology Studies. I'm currently a postdoc at MIT, where I'm working on my first monograph. My research is about the ways that technology (and specifically software, and even more specifically databases) reinforce the infrastructures of white supremacy and cisgender normativity. In practice, this means I study the ways that we make software and how those ways cause harm, or (importantly!) could perhaps alleviate harm. My book (tentatively titled Abolitionist Engineering: Using Technology in the Fights for Justice) is about using software engineering to support contemporary prison abolitionist movements. I read broadly - STS, critical criminology, trans theory, social movement & protest histories, computer science - and I'm excited to be in conversation with authors putting forth new work. I often joke that my greatest strength as a researcher is that I'm an eager interlocutor, so this feels perfect.

NBN Episodes hosted by Nikki:

Ann Johnson and Johannes Lenhard, "Cultures of Prediction: How Engineering and Science Evolve with Mathematical Tools" (MIT Press, 2024)

June 24, 2024

Cultures of Prediction

Ann Johnson and Johannes Lenhard
Hosted by Nikki Stevens

A probing examination of the dynamic history of predictive methods and values in science and engineering that helps us better understand today's cultu…