Bren McClain, “One Good Mama Bone” (Story River Books, 2017)
Once in a while, a novel comes along that is just extraordinary, in the best sense of that word. Bren McClain’s One Good Mama Bone (Story River Books, 2017) falls into this category. In little more than 250… Read More
Helen Rappaport, “Victoria: The Heart and Mind of a Young Queen” (Harper Design, 2017)
The term historical fiction covers a wide range from what the mystery writer Josephine Tey once dubbed “history with conversation” to outright invention shading into fantasy. But behind every story set in the past lies the past itself, as re-created… Read More
Bernard Cornwell, “The Flame Bearer” (Harper, 2016)
Here at New Books in Historical Fiction, we don’t often interview the same author twice. Bernard Cornwell is an exception. As I note in my introduction to this podcast, since I last interviewed him in June 2014, he… Read More
Ursula LeCoeur, “The Devious Dubutante” (Royal Street Publishing, 2015)
So far, this podcast has focused on straight historical fiction rather than historical romance. Although love stories have a way of creeping into novels whatever their genre, books that focus on instantaneous passion don’t always give equal weight to the… Read More
Kate Braithwaite, “Charlatan” (Fireship Press, 2016)
Paris, 1676. At the house of the fortuneteller Catherine Montvoisin (La Voisin), while two hooded forms watch, a wayward priest burns a piece of parchment in a spell designed to awaken the passions of Louis XIV of France. Three years… Read More
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