Towards Knowledge

Towards Knowledge


Towards Knowledge is a Latent Knowledge podcast series where we interview industry and academic leaders about research in the real world — from career development to the most pressing philosophical questions in today’s changing research landscape.

The Reality of Scientific Research: A Discussion with John W. Cave

June 10, 2024

The Reality of Scientific Research

John W. Cave
Hosted by Latent Knowledge

In this episode we speak with Dr. John W. Cave, a scientist and thought leader who has been in the research world for over 20 years. Dr. Cave has wor…

AI and the Humanities: Nina Beguš Discusses "Artificial Humanities"

June 3, 2024

AI and the Humanities

Nina Beguš
Hosted by Latent Knowledge

In this debut conversation, we speak to Dr. Nina Beguš, a researcher at UC Berkeley and the founder of InterpretAI who holds a PhD in Comparative Lite…