Campbell F. Scribner, “The Fight for Local Control: Schools, Suburbs, and American Democracy” (Cornell UP, 2016)
Battles over school politics from curriculum to funding to voucher systems are key and contentious features of the political landscape today. Many of these familiar fights started in the 1970s. However, these battles have roots even earlier in mid-twentieth century… Read More
Samantha Barbas, “Laws of Image: Privacy and Publicity in America” (Stanford Law Books, 2016)
In her new book Laws of Image: Privacy and Publicity in America (Stanford Law Books, 2016) Samantha Barbas provides a history of Americans’ use of law to manage their public image. She approaches this endeavor from the perspective of a… Read More
Anne Mac Lellan, “Dorothy Stopford Price: Rebel Doctor” (Irish Academic Press, 2014)
Among the achievements of Irish medicine in the twentieth century was ending the persistent epidemic of tuberculosis throughout the island, and one of the central figures in that effort was Dorothy Stopford Price. In her book Dorothy Stopford Price: Rebel Read More
Akiko Takenaka, “Yasukuni Shrine: History, Memory, and Japan’s Unending Postwar” (U. of Hawaii Press, 2015)
Akiko Takenaka’s new book looks carefully at Yasukuni Shrine as a war memorial, examining its role in waging war, honoring the dead, promoting peace, and building a modern national identity. Yasukuni Shrine: History, Memory, and Japan’s Unending Postwar (University of… Read More
Ron Berger, et. al. “Learning that Lasts: Challenging, Engaging, and Empowering Students with Deeper Instruction” (Jossey-Bass, 2016)
The school structures we present to teachers can sometimes resemble two extremes. In the first set of circumstances, teachers have enormous autonomy over what they teach, when they teach it, and how they teach it. In the second, they have… Read More
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