Robert J. Sawyer, “Quantum Night” (Ace, 2016)
In this episode, Rob Wolf interviews Robert J. Sawyer, the author of 23 novels, about his most recent book, Quantum Night (Ace, 2016). Sawyer is considered, as he puts it, “an optimistic and upbeat science fiction writer.” But you… Read More
Carla M. Wilson, “Curious Impossibilities: Ten Cinematic Riffs” (Black Scat Books, 2017)
In Impossible Conversations: Imaginary Interviews with World-Famous Artists (Black Scat Books, 2015), Carla M. Wilson imagined discussions with (you guessed it) world-famous artists. In this book—Curious Impossibilities: Ten Cinematic Riffs (Black Scat Books, 2017)—Wilson applies the same imaginative technique… Read More
Gwen C. Katz, “Among the Red Stars” (Harper Teen, 2017)
Valentina (Valka) Koroleva and her cousin Iskra share a dream: to fly in defense of their Soviet motherland against the Nazi forces that have launched a surprise invasion in violation of Hitler’s nonaggression pact with Stalin. So when Valka receives… Read More
Omar El Akkad, “American War” (Knopf, 2017)
Set 50-plus years in the future during, Omar El Akkad‘s debut novel American War (Knopf, 2017) has been widely praised, becoming one of those rare books with science fiction themes to make numerous mainstream publications’ Best Books of the… Read More
Jason Arnopp, “The Last Days of Jack Sparks” (Orbit, 2016)
A modern morality tale lurks under this fast-paced horror novel. Jason Arnopp‘s The Last Days of Jack Sparks (Orbit, 2016) consists of the diary of a fictional character, Jack Sparks, along with a collection of interviews about him. Additional… Read More
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