Kathleen J.P. Tabor and Jan I. Berlage, "Maryland Equine Law: A Legal Guide to Horse Ownership and Activities" (Go Dutch Publishing, 2011)


In this podcast I interview Kathleen J.P. Tabor, Esq. about a book she co-wrote with Jan I. Berlage, Maryland Equine Law: A Legal Guide to Horse Ownership and Activities (Go Dutch Publishing, 2011). Attorney Tabor describes how her practice as an Equine Lawyer brings her in touch with diverse areas of the law such as contract law, international law, and tort law. She also discusses how effective lawyering by attorneys who understand the horse industry help maintain positive relationships between and among equestrians. Kathleen is a solo practitioner of the Law Office of Kathleen J.P. Tabor, LLC, a general civil practice with a special focus on agricultural and equine businesses, activities, and ownership. Her practice has taken her all across the State of Maryland. In addition to her legal training, Kathleen is a trained mediator and collaborative practitioner. A life-member of the Maryland Horse Council, Kathleen was recently elected to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. She also serves on the advisory board of Maryland Fund for Horses, Inc. She is a member of the Maryland Farm Bureau, the American Horse Council, American College of Equine Attorneys and the American Agricultural Law Association (to name a few). Kathleen currently serves as the Trade and Support Industries representative on the Maryland Horse Industry Board, appointed by the Governor in 2009. Kathleen is also founding member of the Agriculture Law Section and of the Animal Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association. She serves as a mentor to UB Law students and to others interested in equine law and related activities. Among other speaking venues, she is a regular speaker at the Maryland Horse World Expo. She has authored articles on equine related legal and dispute resolution issues, authored MHCs Guide to County Zoning and Horses and along with Jan I. Berlage is co-author of the book, Maryland Equine Law: A Legal Guide to Horse Ownership and Activities. Kathleen has had a life-long passion for horses. She is a pleasure rider, but also enjoys driving when the opportunity arises. She held a commercial carriage license driving Percherons and Belgians in the cities of Philadelphia and Baltimore and also held a pari-mutuel tellers license with the Maryland Jockey Club prior to law school.

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