Rhiannon Graybill, “Are We Not Men? Unstable Masculinity in the Hebrew Prophets” (Oxford UP, 2016)
Rhiannon Graybill‘s Are We Not Men? Unstable Masculinity in the Hebrew Prophets (Oxford University Press, 2016) offers an innovative approach to gender and embodiment in the Hebrew Bible, revealing the male body as a source of persistent difficulty for… Read More
Brandon D. Crowe, “The Last Adam: A Theology of the Obedient Life of Jesus in the Gospels” (Baker Academic, 2017).
One scholar famously referred to the Gospels of the New Testament as passion narratives with long introductions. Such a view, however, tends to minimize the theological importance of Jesus’ life and ministry before his death. In today’s podcast, Dr. Brandon… Read More
Jordan D. Rosenblum, “The Jewish Dietary Laws in the Ancient World” (Cambridge UP, 2016)
In The Jewish Dietary Laws in the Ancient World Jordan D. Rosenblum explores how cultures critique and defend their religious food practices. In particular he focuses on how ancient Jews defended the kosher laws, or kashrut, and how ancient Greek,… Read More
Glen A. Fritz, “The Lost Sea of the Exodus, 2nd Edition” (GeoTech, 2016)
The crossing of the Israelites through the Red Sea is one of the most famous scenes in the story of the Exodus out of Egypt. But can it be that for the last couple thousand years, historians, geographers, and scholars… Read More
Steven Dilday, “The Exegetical Labors of the Reverend Matthew Poole” (Master Poole Publishing, 2017)
Matthew Poole (1624-1679) was an English Nonconformist theologian educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge; he held the rectory of St Michael le Querne in London from 1649 to 1662. Poole is principally associated with the work Synopsis Criticorum Biblicorum (5 vols.… Read More
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