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I am a recent PhD in New Testament, Christian origins, and early Christian studies (University of Denver, 2019), with interests in the Gospels, Apostolic Fathers, canon studies, heresy/orthodoxy, and much more. Although I now teach seminary students online, I have also taught undergraduates in a non-religious setting and can speak to and with audiences of all types. Being a “close reader” of texts, I love to devour new research on these topics and would be delighted to host interviews with authors not only in these specialties but in other areas of religious studies in which I have taken an interest, such as, e.g., [1] world Christianities, especially forms of belief in places like east Asia (China, North Korea, Myanmar, etc.) where it is practiced “underground,” [2] Christianity and philosophy, and [3] theism, atheism, and declining religious adherence in the Western world. Aside from religion, I am an avid cyclist, I love the outdoors, and enjoy sports like baseball and soccer. I am from St. Louis originally, but live in Colorado presently, and having listened for many years to podcasts ranging from Star Wars and sports to news, politics, true crime, and, yes, “New Books in Religion!”
Rob Heaton (Ph.D., University of Denver, 2019) hosts Biblical Studies conversations for New Books in Religion and teaches New Testament, Christian origins, and early Christianity at Anderson University in Indiana. His research focuses on the New Testament canon and other early Christian literature, especially subcanonical books like The Shepherd of Hermas and the Apostolic Fathers. For more about Rob and his work, or to offer feedback related to his podcast episodes, please see his website at https://www.robheaton.com.
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