Mike Wallace, “Greater Gotham: A History of New York City from 1898-1919” (Oxford UP, 2017)
In 1898, a new metropolis emerged from the consolidation of New York City with East Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the western part of Queens County. In Greater Gotham: A History of New York City from 1898 to 1919 (… Read More
Marc Lavoie, “Post-Keynesian Economics: New Foundations” (Edward Elgar, 2014)
This interview is a conversation with the author, Marc Lavoie, and his colleague Dany Lang. We discuss Post-Keynesian Economics: New Foundations (Edward Elgar, 2014) and Marc’s contribution to the heterodox-mainstream debate in economics. The book provides an exhaustive… Read More
Jonathan Morduch and Rachel Schneider, “The Financial Diaries: How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty” (Princeton UP, 2017)
Volatility. Instability. Insecurity. Precarity. There’s a burgeoning lexicon seeking to capture the grim economic state of more and more Americans. Join us as Jonathan Morduch describes what he and Rachel Schneider discovered when they got 253 households to track their… Read More
Jeremy Milloy, “Blood, Sweat, and Fear: Violence at Work in the North American Auto Industry, 1960-1980” (U. of Illinois Press, 2017)
In the twenty first century, violence at work is often described in the context of a lone employee “snapping” and harming coworkers or management. In his new book, Blood, Sweat, and Fear: Violence at Work in the North American Auto Read More
Wolfram Elsner, Torsten Heinrich, Henning Schwardt, “The Microeconomics of Complex Economies,” (Elsevier, 2014)
In this interview, two of the three authors (Wolfram Elsner and Torsten Heinrich) of The Microeconomics of Complex Economies: Evolutionary, Institutional, Neoclassical, and Complexity Perspectives (Elsevier, 2014) discuss their new book of Microeconomics and position it in the… Read More
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